At the beginning of 2018, recreational Cannabis officially turned one year old in the beautiful state of Oregon. And like a Starbucks or McDonald’s in other cities, Portland offers a dispensary on almost every corner. In fact, there are nearly 150 cannabis dispensaries operating within the city alone!

Legal weed isn’t the only great thing about Portland though. The food, the land, the people and the overall culture are absolutely lovely. Whether you’re on a business trip, a weekend getaway, or a full blown canna-vacation, you can check out the following destinations for an amazing and memorable Portland experience.

What to Do

Elevated or not, it’s easy to find fun things to do in Portland. Whatever your interests may be, the following destinations are perfect for the irie state of mind.

Experience Forest Park

Forest Park
Forest Park is an awesome spot to visit after enjoying some cannabis. photo credit

Portland’s Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the United States, spanning more than 5,000 acres while staying within city limits. The park features tens of miles of trails, fire lanes and fire roads stretching over 7 miles of Northwest Portland along the eastern slope of the Tualatin Mountains. The short hike to The Witches Castle is a local favorite!

Potlandia Experience

Potlandia Tours
Potlandia Tours are fun for your entire group of canna-friends! photo credit

Offering several exciting tour opportunities, the Potlandia Experience is a great way to explore Portland’s cannabis scene in an elevated fashion. Additionally, Potlandia tours are full of excitement, adventure and are designed to give you the ultimate cannabis experience.

High 5 Tour

High 5 Tours
Set off on a cannabis adventure with High 5 Tours. photo credit

Take a cannabis tour with High 5 Tours. They offer daily 420 adventures and will pick you up and take you to several different dispensaries. On the way, you’ll be able to consume while learning about Oregon’s cannabis industry. You can choose from several tours, including a coffee and cannabis, a cannabis grow tour, and their most popular tour, the Multnomah Falls Adventure.

Appreciate Some Art

Portland Art Museum
There's a piece of art for everyone at the Portland Art Museum. photo credit

Portland has a huge art scene. In fact, the city is home to one of America’s largest museums. The Portland Art Museum offers over 100,000 sq./ft. of viewing pleasuring. From big galleries and numerous sculptures to gigantic paintings and striking photography, Portland’s Art Museum will satisfy any art appreciator.

Go Play on Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood
With over a million acres to explore, there are countless hours of fun to be had at Mt. Hood. photo credit

Mount Hood is the highest peak in Oregon, sitting at 11,250 ft. above sea level. Encompassing over a million acres (more than a third of which is old growth), her Forest is home to an abundance of wildlife, waterfalls and wilderness. There are even a few ski resorts and endless hiking trails that are great for all skill levels. If you’re looking for a mellow trail to hike, the Trillium Lake Trail is a popular loop that offers stunning views of Mount Hood. Although, if you’d prefer to see a waterfall, checkout Little Zigzag Creek.

Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodations, Portland offers hundreds of amazing places to stay. And even though 420 friendly lodging hasn’t made its way to Oregon yet, there are still some awesome places to stay while you’re exploring the state Here are two of the city’s best kept secrets.

The Society Hotel

The Society Hotel
Take a load off after a busy day of exploring at the Society Hotel. photo credit

In the heart of Old Town Chinatown, The Society Hotel is a quaint space to rest your head. Wake up and enjoy their homey in-house cafe, or grab a drink from their full-service coffee shop before heading to the rooftop patio for an elevated view of Portland. The Society offers something for all travelers, including private rooms and hostel-like bunk bed accommodations.

Kennedy School Hotel

Kennedy School
Kennedy School is a unique lodging experience that is highly recommended! photo credit

Easily one of Portland’s most unique places to stay, the once-abandoned Kennedy School has been tastefully renovated as a hotel. Not only do they have a soaking pool, but they also offer restaurants and bars scattered throughout the property. Grab a drink in detention, then order some appetizers in the multi-level bar in the boiler room.

Where to Buy

Portland is home to over a hundred cannabis dispensaries. But let’s face it, not all pot shops are created equally. Here are a few that you would feel comfortable taking your mom, wife or grandmother to.


Serra Dispensary
Serra's elegant style is unique, creative and makes for an excellent shopping experience. photo credit

Often confused for an art gallery, Serra offers a beautifully lighted boutique style dispensary on both sides of the Willamette River. Built in 1910, their downtown location is by far the most stunning. Rather than indica or sativa, Serra instead focuses on feelings when guiding visitors.

Whether you’re looking to feel relaxed, energized, creative, or just looking for relief, Serra has an expert staff of experienced and knowledgeable budtenders to help you find the best strains and products for your needs.

Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders Dispensary
Stop by Natural Wonders dispensary for great products and a helpful staff. photo credit

Home to a wide variety of exotic cannabis genetics, Natural Wonders is a great spot to explore new strains and experience high-grade flower. They’re even locally owned and operated, which results in superb customer service.

Portland Best Buds

Portland Best Buds
In the St. Johns neighborhood, Portland Best Buds is the perfect shop to visit! photo credit

Conveniently located in the St. Johns neighborhood, Portland Best Buds is an excellent dispensary to visit if you’re exploring Portland. On top of that, they also believe in a responsible approach to cannabis, allowing consumers to rest easy knowing their cannabis is of the highest quality.

Portland Best Buds is also known for having a helpful and friendly staff that is dedicated to ensuring every customer experiences a safe and effective approach to cannabis.


Bloom Dispensary
Bloom Dispensary offers high-wuality products that are locally sourced. photo credit

If checking out the Nike Factory Outlet is on your to-do list, then a stop at nearby Bloom dispensary is a no-brainer. Even if you aren’t interested in some new Nike apparel or products, we’d highly recommend Bloom as a quality supplier of cannabis products.

Every product on Bloom’s shelf is locally sourced, ensuring consumers receive top-notch products at a great price. Plus, patrons can leave happily knowing they are helping support the local economy.


Farma Dispensary
A modern aesthetic and excellent branding make Farma a must-visit dispensary. photo credit

If you’re looking for a dispensary with modern appeal and a dedication to quality, Farma is a must-visit. The dispensary experience at Farma is sophisticated and mirrors a pharmacy-like aesthetic. On top of that, Farma also places a strong valuation on wellness, science and community. Farma always has a wide variety of organically grown products in stock, making it the perfect place to score some high-quality cannabis.

Oregon’s Finest

Oregon's Finest Dispensary
Stop by Oregon's Finest and see why grower owned and operated makes a difference. photo credit

As the first state-licensed dispensary in Oregon, Oregon’s Finest brings some seriously fine cannabis to Portland’s Pearl District and Convention Center areas. Grower-owned and operated, Oregon’s Finest is a clean green certified dispensary with a strong attention to sustainable business practices. This translates into a wide variety of top-shelf cannabis products for consumers.

Where to Eat

Portland’s food game is strong, so strong that you could probably eat at a new spot once per day for the rest of your life and still not hit them all. But, if your time in Portland is limited, these are the places you won’t want to miss.

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels, Northeast

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels
If you haven't had a boiled bagel before, you're truly missing out! photo credit

This simple little breakfast spot offers a cozy and quiet space with all sorts of amazing flavors. With nearly a dozen options to choose from, Henry Higgins’ traditional NY style boiled bagels are made with locally sourced ingredients, and their breakfast sammies are to die for.


Besaws Restairant
Fans of brunch and large portions will love Besaws. photo credit

Offering your favorite meal of the day, Besaws is hands down the best brunch spot in Portland. As if big hearty plates and specialty drinks weren’t enough, art deco-inspired ceilings and unique lighting design are all brought together with beautifully handcrafted wallpaper. While this place is a gem, it’s certainly not hidden. So, if you’re headed to Besaws on a weekend, be sure to visit their site or call ahead to make reservations.

Pine Street Market

Pine Street Market
From pizza to Japanese rame, Pine Street Market has something for everyone's taste. photo credit

Can’t agree on something to eat? Check out the Pine Street Market for an array of gourmet food vendors. Checkerboard Pizza (formally Trifecta Annex) offers some of the most delicious pies in Portland, OP Wurst has the best fries, and the Spanish-style rotisserie chicken at Pollo Bravo is unbelievably tasty.

The market also offers Japanese ramen, American hot dogs and burgers, and Korean-style BBQ. Wash it all down with some juice or a smoothie from Kure, or grab some soft serve from Salt and Staw’s dessert bar.

Thai Kee Mao

Thai Kee Mao
Hearty portions and authentic meals highlight this well-known food cart. photo credit

Grab a quick bite or a Thai Iced Tea from one of Portland’s best food carts. Located on SW Alder between 2nd and 3rd, this authentic mom and pop cart will warm your heart while filling your belly with delicious Thai goodness. Most dishes can easily be split into two meals, and for just $6 dollars each, you can’t find a better deal in the city.


Departure Restaurant
Experience exquisite views and dining from 16 stories up at Departure. photo credit

For a truly memorable experience in Portland you’ll want to check out Departure, an upscale Japanese restaurant located on the top floor of The Nines Hotel. At 16 floors up, this stylish and elegant space offers city views from their futuristic indoor seating as well as their swanky outdoor patio. A hot spot for locals and tourists alike, it’s always best to call ahead for dinner reservations.

Where to Shop/Enjoy Art

Throughout Portland you’ll find pockets of charming specialty shops and stunning art galleries. The following destinations are among the best places to begin.

NW 23rd

Meadow Chocolate
The Meadow is a heavenly place for chocolate enthusiasts. photo credit

Northwest 23rd Avenue has it all. Known for its quirky and colorful storefronts, this charming chunk of Portland offers many locally owned boutiques with a little something for everybody. Grab a Puppuccino and pet some dogs at Hip Hound, a pet store and coffee bar for pups and their humans. Then, checkout some men’s fashion at Urban Edge. Don’t forget to stop at The Meadow for some exotic chocolates from around the globe.

Mississippi Avenue

Pistils Nursery
Pistils Nursery is a flower-lovers dream. photo credit

Featured in several episodes of the hit T.V. show, Portlandia, Mississippi Ave is a lovely neighborhood full of eclectic storefronts. Try poking your head into Animal Traffic + The Annex and peep their selection of new and vintage gear. Your day wouldn’t be complete without stopping in Pistils Nursery, one of the cutest and coziest plant stores around Portland.

Portland Saturday Market

POrtland Sturday Market
The Portland Saturday Market is a great place to take a stroll and view some art. photo credit

Arguably one of the best places to enjoy art is the Portland Saturday Market, located on the SW waterfront, just a few blocks from Serra. Here you’ll find various forms of hangable, edible and wearable art. From paintings and jewelry to hand-crafted wooden pieces and locally blown glass, all sorts of novelties can be found here.


When the sun goes down, the big little city of Portland comes alive. With tons of fun activities to choose from, these are a few of the best places to visit after enjoying some cannabis.

Ground Kontrol

Ground Control Arcade
Ground Kontrol has a large collection of classic video games. photo credit

Step into the golden age of video arcade games at Ground Kontrol, a local bar that offers food, beer and classic video games from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Race your homies, play some pinball or hop on Terminator 2 and shoot it out. Even better? Most games are equipped with cup holders, so you can drink and drive without breaking any laws.

Old Town

Old Town Portland
Old Town is a must-visit spot in Portland and has great energy and culture. photo credit

From bars and nightclubs to music venues and comedy joints, this beautiful neighborhood offers dozens of things to do, all within just a few blocks. Sit back and enjoy some live music at Valentine’s, or dance your heart out at Jones Night Club. Night owls welcome, as Old Town is a part of Portland that never sleeps.

Northwest Cannabis Club

Northwest Cannabis Club
NW Cannabis Club is a great spot to socialize with likeminded people while enjoying some cannabis. photo credit

A one-of-a-kind place, unique to Portland, the NW Cannabis Club is the best spot to get lifted while mingling with travelers and locals. Offering dab bars and vaporizers with both indoor and outdoor consumption areas, this is the club to be at for a socially stimulating cannabis experience.

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