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Legal States Gift Guide

Saturday December 2, 2017

By Michael Walters

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, then you already know there are plenty of gifts to choose from at your local dispensary. To make it easier for all of our indecisive readers, we've selected some of our favorite products that we have received as gifts over the years.

This year, give the gift of cannabis and you might just get smoked out in return!

Quest AeroInhaler

Fans of discreet consumption methods will love Quest Concentrates newest product, the AeroInhaler. Made with their high-quality distillate and re-introduced terpenes, the AeroInhaler is one of the most innovative cannabis products on the market. Delivering crisp, clean puffs, this pharmaceutical-grade device is sure to impress even the most stubborn critics!

Quest Concentrates are currently only available in Colorado, but hopefully will make their way into every legal state in the near future!

Kaviar Trifecta

A luxury experience awaits with Kaviar's proprietary blend of premium flower, hash oil and kief all rolled up into one deliciously potent pre-rolled cone. Even better? Kaviar Trifecta Cones come equipped with a custom glass filter tip, essentially making them two gifts in one. We recently reviewed one of Kaviar's signature cones and were truly impressed with the results. Not only are they a unique cannabis experience but also a great choice to consume with your favorite group of friends.

Pick up a Kaviar cone from one of your favorite Colorado dispensaries and give the gift that keeps on giving!

Escape/The Clear

Escape vaporizers make the perfect gift for any cannabis enthusiast looking to step their concentrate game up a notch. In partnership with The Clear concentrates, Escape has created a product they call the Flight Kit, featuring two distillate cartridges housed within a protective case that charges the pen batteries when not in use.

Pretty cool, right? Escape and The Clear are running many promotions this holiday season. Be on the lookout for their products at a dispensary near you!



If you've ever grown cannabis before, then you know it can be a highly entertaining and fulfilling pastime for a cannabis enthusiast. Sure, it's not easy and there are roadblocks and frustrations to overcome, but once you smoke cannabis grown by your very own hands you'll be thankful you went through all the trouble.

Learning to grow cannabis is a valuable skill for a cannabis consumer to learn. So, this holiday season, why not start a friend or loved one on their cannabis cultivation journey? Pick them up a few seeds or a couple clones from your neighborhood dispensary and help them build a lifelong passion.

Kush Kard with Joint

Turn the holidays into holidaze with a tastefully inspired Kush Kard. Forget taping a joint to a greeting card, Kush Kards have special custom inserts for you to include a joint as a gift. A Kush Kard is an excellent idea for anyone wanting to give the gift of cannabis with an added, personalized note.

Roll up a joint with your favorite strain or visit a dispensary to grab a pre-roll and place it in your Kush Kard for an elevated holiday experience.

Incredibles Winter Mint Bar

Tis the season for getting warm and cozy, hunkering down and enjoying some delicious holiday edibles. Luckily, Incredibles makes a seasonal chocolate bar, called Winter Mint, to satisfy your all of your cravings for holiday flavors.

Incredibles infused chocolate bars make great stocking stuffers or a perfect gift after a hearty holiday meal. Plus, they make a great choice for discreet consumption around family.

Coda Cannabis Infused Hot Coco

Nothing screams holiday season more than a mug filled to the brim with hot cocoa. This year, step it up a notch with some infused hot chocolate by Coda. Coming in a variety of flavors like milk chocolate, espresso and chai, these products add an extra kick to the holiday festivities.

Coda products are currently only available in Colorado dispensaries, so if you're in the area be sure to pick a few up!

Dispensary Gift Card

Many dispensaries offer gift cards to their stores, allowing the cardholder to browse and choose from a wide variety of products on the shelf. Gift cards are great for those people in your life that are hard to shop for, extremely picky or just simply enjoy shopping! Load up the card with some cash and maybe toss in a pre-rolled joint or two to add to the gift.

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