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Canna-Connoisseur Gift Guide

Saturday December 2, 2017

By Michael Walters

We all have that friend or family member who “has it all.” From gadgets to gear and everything in between, these people have been tough to shop for since the dawn of time. That unfortunate tradition ends today, as we've hand-picked the top gifts for the canna-connoisseur in your life.

Gone are the days of spending hours looking for a gift they already have in their collection. Not only are the gifts listed below unique, but they're also bound to turn heads and become show-stoppers at any smoke sesh. Ready to start shopping yet? So are we so let's get started.

Elevate Accessories Colfax Dugout Kit

Step your game up this year and elevate your cannabis experience with the Colfax Dugout Kit by Elevate Accessories. Made right here in the USA from solid walnut or maple wood with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Colfax Dugout Kit is a durable, stylish and pocket-sized option for any cannabis consumer.

Believe us, this is not your average dugout. With a Colfax Dugout Kit, you'll never be embarrassed by your dugout again.

On top of making high-quality products, Elevate Accessories is a reputable brand based in Denver, Colorado seeking to make cannabis consumers feel proud of their smoking accessories. This ideology shines bright throughout their entire line of thoughtfully designed, highly functional designer accessories.


Kaleidoscopes are making a comeback thanks to Novascopes. But these aren't your average kaleidoscopes. Master artist David Sugich expertly crafts these compelling and spectacular mirrored images to create colors and patterns that captivate the mind. Spark up a bowl with your Novascope and enjoy endless hours of fun!

Wooden Rolling Tray by Marley Natural

Roll your weed in style with a luxurious, wooden rolling tray by Marley Naturals. Most trays are made from aluminum or tin and can easily deteriorate through usage. Wooden rolling trays are not only durable, but much easier to maintain and care for.

Wooden rolling trays make great gifts for friends who love joints or blunts or even beginners just starting out their rolling careers. Either way, you can't go wrong with these beauties!

Shine Papers

If you haven't smoked flower out of a Shine 24-karat gold paper then you're really missing out. Combining cannabis and luxury, Shine papers are a great way to smoke in style and are a nice change-up from the normal hemp or rice papers.

Have a special event coming up? Shine papers will make it that much more extravagant. Better yet, roll up a few Shine paper joints this holiday season and make your celebration golden!

Snake Skin Doob Tube

Most cannabis consumers have heard of doob tubes. But what about one made of snake skin? These products are great for storing your joints or blunts on-the-go without the risk of squishing or breaking them. The snake skin doob tube from Jacquie Aiche is the perfect way to safely store your joints or blunts in and is sure to turn heads when you pull it out.


Sick and tired of your cannabis drying out? While there are several methods out there for keeping your cannabis at the correct humidity, perhaps the most chic and upscale option is a storage solution from Cannador.

Cannador offers a variety of humidity-control boxes and jars that help keep your cannabis fresh, flavorful and ready to consume. With options ranging from small to large, Cannadors are an awesome choice for any cannabis aficionado or connoisseur.

Tix to an Upscale Canna-Event

As cannabis culture continues to spread across the globe, more and more people are beginning to catch on. Cannabis events are a great way to immerse yourself into the culture and industry while meeting like-minded individuals from all levels of cannabis experience.

Check out our events pages in multiple states and grab a couple tickets for an event you find interesting. Cannabis event tickets make great stocking stuffers and are a unique and exciting way to experience a night out. With hundreds of events covering a wide range of topics and themes, there's sure to be something for everyone!

Annabis Smell-Proof Handbag

For a cannabis consumer, there's nothing worse than getting stares from strangers for smelling like weed in public. Stay discreet and keep your dank smells to yourself with the Annabis smell-proof handbag. This bag has some serious style and, even better, it's with a functional purpose.

Carrying this handbag will leave your cannabis undetected by others and keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Volcano Vaporizer

Vaping is one of the most health-conscious ways to consume cannabis and there are many products out there claiming to be the best. In our opinion, the Volcano vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is the true champion of the tabletop vaporizer industry.

The Volcano is a durable smoking solution that uses forced air to blow up bags filled with vapor. It delivers thick, flavorful hits and comes in both digital and analog form. Do yourself a favor this year and refine your cannabis experience by picking up a Volcano.

Fresh Quartz

Are you into dabbing? If so, then you probably have a quartz banger – or at least have heard of them. While many people settle for cheap, foreign-made glass, there are several USA-made brands who have become favorites in the world of dabbing connoisseurs.

Companies like Quave Club Bangers, Toro Glass, Mayoral Quartz, Pukin Beagle and Joel Halen all make bangers crafted from the finest quartz. And although the price is a bit more than a cheap Chinese banger, brand-name quartz is much more durable and has a much longer life-span. Additionally, many people believe high-quality quartz provides better flavor and retains heat longer as well.

Grab one for a friend who has a crusty banger!

Goldleaf Terpene Infographic Wall Art

Do you have a friend or family member who could use a little art in their life? Add some classy cannabis flare to your home or office with the Goldleaf Terpene Infographic. Not your style? Don't worry, Goldleaf has a wide variety of cannabis-inspired art and the best part is that it's all educational and informative. Hang one (or several) of these pieces and show your passion for cannabis knowledge.

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