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Gift Guide for Beginner Stoners

Saturday December 2, 2017

By Michael Walters

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, marijuana culture is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Because of this, there are many consumers new to the game looking to start off their smoking careers on the right foot.

Need some help getting started? We've got you covered with some of the best gifts for the beginner smoker. Don't be fooled though, these products still make great gifts for anyone interested in cannabis!


Ever tried to cash a bowl only to realize you're dealing with an all-out clog? Not only are clogs frustrating but they can also impede you from smoking cannabis. Say goodbye to looking for the perfect poker and get yourself a Kasher. The Kasher slides on your lighter and travels with you wherever the smokey road leads - on a driving adventure, a festival you've been looking forward to, at home on the couch or on the last camping trip of the season. Poke, stir, clean and empty bowls. Even pack joints and split blunts. Whatever you do, let your inner McGyver out with the Kasher.


Be organized, safe, secure and discreet this year with the Silverton by >Stashlogix. As a tribute to both Colorado’s mining heritage and herbal heritage, the Silverton conquers new frontiers and is assembled in the USA. Smell-proof and lockable, the Silverton includes everything you need for a true cannabis adventure.

Contents include: a metal poker with poker pocket, OdorPax odor absorbing packet, strain-tacking mobile phone app, adjustable and removable interior divider system, built-in combination locks and more! The “silver-lining” of this products is it's odor-blocking technology and rubber gasket sealing system that blocks odors and is easily cleanable!


Fresh air is a beautiful thing, but it's usually a challenge getting it inside. >AirRestore is an air purifier that goes above and beyond the call of duty to bring truly fresh air into the home. Replicating Mother Nature's own air purification system, these machines can make a room smell like an open field. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and see if you can tell the difference!

7pipe Glass Blunt

Learning to roll a joint or blunt is pretty difficult for those new to cannabis consumption. Additionally, buying packs of papers or blunts can get expensive – especially if you're not the greatest at rolling. Luckily, the >7pipe Glass Blunt provides similar function to a joint or blunt without all the hassle. Simply fill the glass tube and twist! Made with heat resistant glass, brass and titanium, the 7pipe Glass Blunt is a high-quality product built to last, and is even water pipe compatible.

Magical Butter

Making edibles can be a complex and timely process, but >Magical Butter makes it a breeze. All you have to do is put in your ingredients, press a button and wait until your butter or oil is done. There's no need to carefully watch the stove or worry about the temperature anymore, just let Magical Butter do the work for you. Pick up the Magical Butter for a friend and be rewarded with all the edibles they're bound to bake up!

Patient Journal by Goldleaf

The cannabis world can be overwhelming for beginners and it's often difficult to find the right strains for the perfect experience. That's where The Patient Journal by Goldleaf comes in. Full of strain recommendations as well as spaces to document every important factor of the cannabis experience, this journal is perfect for cannabis consumers who want to make sure they get consistent, reliable cannabis.

Space Case Grinder

There is an abundance of grinder options out there, but none of them compare to a Space Case. Made with American-milled aluminum, medical-grade stainless steel and industry leading magnets, these grinders can withstand just about anything. Known for their quality and consistency, you can't go wrong with a Space Case.

Cannabis Cookie Cutters

What's better than a cannabis-infused cookie? A cannabis-shaped, cannabis-infused cookie of course! Cookies are a holiday staple, but stars and Christmas trees can get boring after a while. Let the holiday baking step into the 21st century with some festive marijuana-shaped treats and surprise the grand-kids.

Bee Nail Complete E-nail Setup

If someone on your list is interested in getting into dabbing, these sets are an excellent gift. Bee Nail provides everything you need to start dabbing right away: a rig, e-nail, dabber, carb cap and concentrate container. Just open up the box, set it up and take your first dab!

Aqua Lab Technologies Gift Card

Want to get something for your stoney loved one but don't know what to pick? Simple, get them a gift card to one of the internet's most prolific glass stores! Aqua Lab Technologies has hundreds and hundreds of options to choose from, including smoking accessories such as ashtrays, pipes and grinders.

Raw Papers Pre-Rolled Cones

Raw Papers have become one of the most popular paper brands in the world, and for good reason. Smooth and slow burning, Raw Papers are used by some of the world's biggest stoners, including Wiz Khalifa. Their pre-rolled cones are a particularly good product for unseasoned smokers because all you have to do is pack ground cannabis into them. No rolling necessary!

Kush Candles

Make your house smell like kush this holidays with some help from Kush Candles. These unique candles are handmade and terpene infused, including classic terps like myrcene, linalool, pinene and limonene to provide added therapeutic benefits. Just imagine lighting a bowl while one of these beautiful candles burn, it'd be simply kushy!

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