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I LOVE THEM! They saved my life . Amazing customer service and wonderful products.
4 weeks ago
I love going in talking with the staff about suggestions of what might work best for me. I tell anyone of them about what has been bothering me and their response is very quick. For example, my back has been hurting me. It was suggested to me to try the lotion and rub it in the area where the pain is. Bingo! I tried it and it worked. Another example is, I suffer from fatigue, being exhausted and restless. It was suggested to me to try two different strands. One in the morning and one at night. I followed their directions and it actually worked. Oh I almost forgot after my treatments I felt nauseated. I tried the oil and it worked. The staff are like real doctors! My suggestion is to talk to them and tell them about what's going on with you. They all are very knowledgeable what could work best for you. Hat's off to all the staff! One more big plus about them they are handicap friendly. I am not able to walk due to my disability and they come to the car and pick me up, push me the whole time that I'm in there and take me back to the car with a smile. That means a lot to me! My gratitude for making me feel important can not be measured.
2 months ago
Used to be a nice place...every since new management came in place is all about profit.... No loyalty programs, no specials..manager seems to only order medicine that helps her needs...made switch to Phoenix botanical and I must say its a lot better
6 months ago
Well, this place used to be great but service is slow and long wait as new patients are accepted and take large amounts of time to be educated while people wanting to place an order must wait. Very frustrating to say the least but when you ask manger she has the worst attitude and is down right rude and condescending towards the customers. Tina the manager has removed all loyalty programs servicing lower income families and raised prices to a 100 percent profit margin. In the past we could call in our order and it would be ready for pickup but this is no longer an option as it was just convenient for the customers so it had to be removed. Since I switched to our other option here and it is nice having a choice; I must say, it was a good move. At Phoenix Botanical you have an excellent reward program with 15% off every tenth visit and a free gram on your tenth as a loyalty program. Write a review, get a free gram. Friendly staff with better prices and quality selection. Online ordering for quick service. Consider switching or not selecting Numed as your choice and take it from me personally, it’s just not worth it. There are better options! Switch today, you have choices and it’s easy! Give it a try! Only takes 24 hours to switch and you can be buying from someone else too!
7 months ago
Amazed and wowed that the loyalty program was removed with no prior notice as of today. Sad for their employees that have to notify us , I know it wasn’t their decision. It should be management at the front window having to tell everyone. Way to make us and your employees feel like family. Thanks for showing us that it’s profit over people.
8 months ago

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