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Nature's Care is a patient driven, non-integrated dispensary located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. In addition to an affordably priced, diverse product menu and outstanding customer service, Nature's Care also offers a variety of patient benefits including preferred pricing, Loyalty / Rewards Programs, and online ordering. If you're not registered with Nature's Care but would like to be, visit their website and complete their Change of Dispensary Form.  


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Other Reviews

Since I received my card and became a patient/customer this May I have yet to have any issues during any of my visits. Everyone on staff go way above and beyond to assist me on my visits and advise me on questions I bring to them. Thank you for being so professional and courteous. Kudos to the owner, management, and staff for making my visits enjoyable instead of a chore!
in the last week
I switched to this dispensary extremely excited, however they aren't even able to fulfill online orders. Placed an order online, they never filled it. I asked why not "because we dont hold it overnight", except for the fact that it was never filled the day of so I couldn't pick it up...? Extremely frustrating. This is PRE-LEGALIZATION...this place is going to be a nightmare come January 1st
in the last week
The loyalty program rocks. I love that if I place my order when leaving my house, it's ready when I walk in. Extremely knowledgeable staff
3 weeks ago
And another update: switched dispensaries. There’s just too many issues with this place. Update: Manager reached out with a solution. I appreciate that the manager didn’t try and make an excuse as to why the store closed early and agreed that should never happen. Updating my 1 star to 3 stars for now. Absolutely done with this place!!!!! I changed dispensaries a few months ago and there is ZERO excuse for what happened today. I commute from the city because they consistently have the product I need. However, since switching I’ve had 2 issues with products (they did make it right and understand it’s out of their control which is why I didn’t switch dispensaries) and today just seals the deal. It took me nearly an hour and 20 minutes to get here today and was celebrating when I pulled in at 6:57pm that I made it before their closing time of 7pm. However they were already closed! Every minute counts and if you close at 7pm, your doors should lock at 7:00pm now I’m out of gas money and medicine. Thanks Nature’s Care!!! You aren’t going to get another penny from me and will be changing dispensaries.
4 months ago
I’ll be honest, I loved this place. The staff has been great to me over the last two years. However, the last few months have been awful. They do a poor job of stocking flower, in particular larger amounts. Oh, you like to make your own edibles? Too bad. They insist that they match prices, but even at 45 for an eighth (their best price) you’re still paying 180 for a half. If you want the good stuff, it’s 60, so 240 a half. They completely stopped stocking cresco half ounces of shake and popcorn, and only get in 4 from revolution so you are forbidden from buying more than one per day. (Hint: they are out in less than an hour). Every other dispensary’s menu has plenty of these larger quantity items in stock at all times, so I’m unsure why one of the busiest dispensaries in the area is unable to obtain these. For all these reasons, I will most likely be switching dispensaries and driving much further so I can actually get the products I want. Very disappointed.
6 months ago