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This is my registered dispensary and I'm in love with the place. Very clean, upscale modern facility (great presentation) knowledgeable pleasant staff. As soon as you open the door a burst of pleasure tickles your olfactorys and you know your in the right place. They even have a menu that they will walk you through. They offer classes to teach you about happenings in the industry. Two layer security (you feel safe). Most of all the prices are reasonable and the product is potent!
in the last week
Amazing atmosphere! Great and very friendly staff. Big selection and best dispensary in the city hands down! Love everything about this place
4 weeks ago
Unassuming place that has awesome people working there, who are dedicated and passionate about the amazing work, service they provide. By educating and advocating and assisting people for their rights to obtain medicinal marijuana. This place is fantastic and i enjoy coming here I will be back!!!
a month ago
I broke my back 1 3 19. Had 6 cortisone shots on my back by Dr. Scott Glaser whom is a great pain and spin doctor. After shots did not do much. But I'm on opiates and medical marijuana. That helped. I sure I may have more cortisone shots I get put to sleep because they go in deep.
2 months ago
Seven Point Powered By MedMen is the "Apple, Inc" of cannabis. All of their products are potent and great for any need. The store is amazingly beautiful, elegant, and modern. Security is of the highest degree, just like everything else to be expected from MedMen. The employees at MedMen are what make it so great. All employees are extremely courteous, polite, well educated, and happy making for a fantastic and insightful customer experience. Seven Point Powered By MedMen is a medical cannabis dispensary that heightens the expectations of customer service and product quality. They are a fantastic example of the quickly evolving cannabis industry. EDIT: Had a lovely visit and they seem to have fixed most of the issues from before. MedMen still does the ordering but they’re getting better at it and staff does try to influence what they order.
a month ago

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