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Treat Yourself & Your Loved Ones with CBD & Cannabis - Dosing

Treat Yourself & Your Loved Ones with CBD & Cannabis - Dosing

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spend 2 hours in an intimate small setting focusing on YOUR wellness. Class sizes not over 8 at a time.

What we do: Bring your records and list of meds - Hiedi will help you evaluate your wellness plan and educate and instruct in ways to enhance your healing journey with not just essential oils, but terpenes, CBD, and potentially THC if client determines that is the path to wellness they choose to take. If client decides they wish to get into Florida Medical Marijuana Program, we guide you through the process and aid in finding the right physician for you in your area.

This is a small class - students will learn about CBD, THC, the endocannabinoid system, and how and what different benefits may be achieved.

Every client every class will leave with a 5ml roller ball of essential oils and or terpenes specially formulated just for them and their condition for attending this class.

Coffee and filtered water available on site. People with food issues may bring snacks (ie diabetics, etc) but otherwise, please do not bring food unless required for health purposes.

Advanced classes will be offered in future as interest develops. Other Healers WELCOME - we need many more people in this arena.

As this is a classroom setting - attendance of children is discouraged unless the child is the patient and needs to learn - Please be sure to reach out and ask. Can make accommodations if needed. We also have sources to get children into Florida program for no fee from Doctors - both physician signatures in one spot.

As interest in class develops and we move into a larger room, indigent slots will be available - I'm very sorry I cannot offer immediately. Please reach out - I may have sponsorship available.

Suggested number of classes to attend: No less than 2 for well rounded start to education in this setting. Please try to book consecutive weeks.

What to bring:

Notebook - preferably a new one as this will become your wellness journal. I will have a couple spare on site for purchase for those who may forget.

Writing utensil - be as creative as you like - it's YOUR journal

List of medications and health concerns.

Goal of attending class - What are your wellness goals? Get rid of meds? Save your life from cancer?

Smile - prepare to learn with laughter - Being sick is NO FUN - we try to lighten things up.

Open mind - Integrative medicine is a combination of holistic and traditional medicine. Must have an open mind to learn about Cannabinoid medicine and terpenes.

Note any and all allergies please.

Bring water or something to drink out of - this is a two hour class - HYDRATE PLEASE! ;)

***NOTE - NO REFUNDS - If by some Act of Nature an attendee cannot attend a class - Credit will be given for a future class. These are weekly classes and it costs me money to hold them - I cannot operate at a loss. I will grant 1 (ONE) credit extension per missed class - MUST give no less than 8 hours notice prior to missing class so I can fill the empty chair and move credit to another class time. Sorry to be a hardass about it.***

Please visit ~ I look forward to meeting you!

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Tue, May 22, 2018

Start Time:

6:30 PM


Crown Center Executive Suites
1451 W Cypress Creek Rd #300
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-1953


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Culture, Education, Medical, Other
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