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They ask high prices and then surprise with deals. All flower strains have been excellent in effect and taste. Ceramic wick Ccell carts at same price as current would earn another star. Nice people. Dog friendly!
4 weeks ago
I have worked here for almost a year and have really enjoyed the experience. Fluent really takes care of there patients and employee's.
4 weeks ago
Decent but way better options close to here. Limited and just OK products
a month ago
I recently visited your store for the first time and did not receive any free vape pen like I see promoted online. I ordered some flowers that must have been sitting around for a while. The harvest date was 2 months ago, the buds were very dry and on the small side. Product was priced on the high side considering most others are selling for about twenty dollars cheaper.
2 months ago
Got home put cartridge in battery it didn't work.Took back knox they were able to fix 2 the 3rd 1 they totally replaced. I will be back great customer service.
5 months ago

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