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Fluent does have good products. Their main downfall is keeping consistent whole flower in stock. When ask support about these issues I was told , "We have 16 other locations throughout the state". This tells me Fluent does not care too much about tallahassee florida(the Capital) where laws governing the state are birthed here and passed. This is really unprofessional in the medicinal world. My recommendation is to treat fluent like they treat you meaning dont put your eggs in that basket.
a week ago
I hate to leave a 3-star rating like this, especially when their service is top notch. The problem lies with their pricing. They're undoubtedly one of the more expensive dispensaries in Tally, and the return simply isn't worth the extra expense unless they have a particular strain you're looking for.
4 weeks ago
So while sitting in the lobby for my first visit in the store. And the younger shorter employee with a scruffy beard is bad mouthing the manager of the store saying he needs to higher better employees, I think he's right by the sound of himself. I then her him complaining about one employee taking his time to answer all of his customers questions. He says and I quote I get them in and out as fast as I can don't care if they have questions. It was a huge turn off at this store. I've heard jothing but bad things about this place. But I thought I'd give them a shot anyways. This employee made it a bad timing for my first visit.
a month ago
The prices here are very high. The concentrate syringes are literally twice as much as other dispensaries for the same percentage, the flower is good but it's expensive and hard to catch them in stock. The staff is always nice though if they could just bring down the prices to the same level as the places around them it would be better
3 months ago
They ask high prices and then surprise with deals. All flower strains have been excellent in effect and taste. Ceramic wick Ccell carts at same price as current would earn another star. Nice people. Dog friendly!
5 months ago

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