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The only thing I could say I like about this place is the staff and the limited products they have. A terrible location, parking is atrocious, the wait times are absolutely ridiculous and back to what I said earlier they usually only have about half of what you ever want to get. You need to get a much bigger building, with more employees, more parking spaces and more product.
in the last week
Long waits............. Product is way overpriced and deceiving. People are inconsiderate. There is way too much packaging and also some of us like being discreet and don't want truleive plastered on everything. Maybe explain things to customer or ask if they have any questions about the product.
3 weeks ago
Trulieve is the place to shop. I have been going there over a year now. The staff is great, they treat you like an old friend. The sales and discounts are awesome and the biggest seller is they always have product. I am a loyal trulieve customer.
a month ago
So this review is for the St.Petersburg dispensary. I have been frequenting this dispensary for nearly 1 year now and I can honestly say these are the nicest , most caring group of people I could ever hope for. Since day one. The staff and security guards at the front desk are so nice , honest and helpful. I am refraining from using names in this review because there are honestly too many and I don't want to leave anyone out. Although, I am going to mention the store manager's name ( JENN ) because she , as well as the other employees, really went out of there way to help me and I appreciate that immensely. They always have my interest as a patient first.The care , professionalism, and understanding on their part is incredible and it stems down from the manager. There are so many wonderful people and employees who work here. I obviously go here because they have the best medicine for my personal needs. That is the business side. But just as, if not more important, is the humanity side. And there are some really fine people who work here. Thank you all !!! Add on : I decided to added a few names. Special thanks to the following employees who truly helped me : Brian ( manager ) , Tim (manager ) , April ( manager ) , Sharon ( products manager ) , Patrick, Evan, Dave, Josh, Daniel, Natalie.....And the great group at the front lines - Sam, Kevin ...and a special thanks to am awesome Full Support Service agent named Larry , Thanks bro ! I'm still leaving people out, I apologize. Thanks again !!
3 weeks ago
This place has terrible service. Long waits. The only way to make it faster is to order online. But guess what? You can’t get flower online. Everyday it says out of stock. But when you come in they have it in stock. Go figure a company run by pot heads. Then they’ll tell you that you need to go back to your doctor even tho you just had an appointment less than a month ago because of some compute error on their end not mine. They’ll be less than helpful resolving such issues. They know they’re pretty much the only game in town that has flower so they can treat you however they want. I personally will not be returning. I will get my flower off the street. Cheaper and better quality anyway.
4 months ago

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