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The staff here are awesome. The issues are technical. I am not able to do any online orders. And although they have tried to fix it, it never works. There is usually a wait of an average 30min.
in the last week
Product was excellent the staff were great but I made one purchase paid for my items and left i received a phone call 2 and a half weeks later asking how did I enjoy the rosin i picked up and that I owe them for it because their employee forgot to charge me I spent over 350$ that day and I think it’s a shame they made a mistake and trying to make me pay for it. Bad way to treat a customer for a employees mistake. Will not be returning shame too because they’ve had in my opinion the cleanest flower around but it’s principal ???????
2 weeks ago
While the product they offer is quality it is no different than any other store, and the parking is arguably the worst in the city. I’ve had to drive up and down 4th street a few times before, just waiting for a spot to open up. Maybe they can give me a gas discount off the product?
3 weeks ago
Nick at trulieve is an incredible customer service associate He is a great asset to your company. I only shop here because if nick. He was unable to accept a tip(as usual) please compensate him for his excellent service. All other places have tip jars and all employees except tips Thank you
4 weeks ago
So this review is for the St.Petersburg dispensary. I have been frequenting this dispensary for nearly 1 year now and I can honestly say these are the nicest , most caring group of people I could ever hope for. Since day one. The staff and security guards at the front desk are so nice , honest and helpful. I am refraining from using names in this review because there are honestly too many and I don't want to leave anyone out. Although, I am going to mention the store manager's name ( JENN ) because she , as well as the other employees, really went out of there way to help me and I appreciate that immensely. They always have my interest as a patient first.The care , professionalism, and understanding on their part is incredible and it stems down from the manager. There are so many wonderful people and employees who work here. I obviously go here because they have the best medicine for my personal needs. That is the business side. But just as, if not more important, is the humanity side. And there are some really fine people who work here. Thank you all !!! Add on : I decided to added a few names. Special thanks to the following employees who truly helped me : Brian ( manager ) , Tim (manager ) , April ( manager ) , Sharon ( products manager ) , Patrick, Evan, Dave, Josh, Daniel, Natalie.....And the great group at the front lines - Sam, Kevin ...and a special thanks to am awesome Full Support Service agent named Larry , Thanks bro ! I'm still leaving people out, I apologize. Thanks again !!
2 months ago

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