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Honestly worst dispensary in FL. Beware because if you decide to spend 90 for a 600mg cart, Which is unbelievable as it is is pricy but then when you find out they use mct oil to cut the oil and it is runny and super thin. Honestly there are far better choices for the already high cost for medicine. These people make me sick and they have still yet to answer my email about the issue. Don't say I didn't warn you.
in the last week
Rather go to Trulieve on 4th it's about the same distance from me. Overpriced and low selection... Yeah it was good but, not worth the price and they act like it's the best in the world, saying they will give no specials ever or discounts. They sell two kinds of bud at 45$ and 8th get over yourself. They also don't really know about weed, noobs.
in the last week
I really like the black line of Vapes here. It's truly full spectrum. The flower has been great so far and the reward program is lovely. I think the first and second time discounts are great, so plan wisely. Really looking forward to going on my birthday week!
a week ago
So I get an email grand opening Tampa. 30% off free welcome packages. This is the south Tampa location. I drive way out there from the north part of Tampa as this is a terrible location. And they don’t discount flower! I have shopped every single dispensary in the area and every single one is always giving discounts specially first time customer. The experience was not good and I’ll never go back. By the way tiny tiny little print even the girl said most people get angry. Pass on this greedy company. With so much competition now visit other dispensaries for better product and prices!!
4 months ago
Very warm welcome with very little to no wait time. Very clean safe environment. Thankful to be a customer
2 months ago

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