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Shawn w/ the dreads is awesome! Super knowledgeable and friendly. Trulieve has really improved since the old days, their flower is honestly the best quality I’ve seen on the market here in Florida and my store stays stocked. I’ve found the best times to visit are Tuesday’s and Thursday’s late morning/early afternoon. Gorilla Grapes is my all time favorite- try it!!
in the last week
When I first started at this dispensary I really liked it. Since then I think they’ve become too busy to maintain good customer service. They are supposed to tell you when your order is read but more often then not you have to call to find out. If you show up without a text they are rude about it. Totally disappointing.
in the last week
They seem to have everything running very smoothly. I was in and out in under ten minutes. Ordering online is relatively simple. Plenty of product to choose from. Friendly, and knowledgeable staff as well. I highly recommend Trulieve to anyone that seeks my humble opinion.
a week ago
Been going to Trulieve for over a year. Love their consistent quality and discount programs. Most of all their staff is always cool and caring and make the experience professional and fun. Shout out to Bernard who always takes care of me and adds a sparkle to my day! He is a quality professional and a stellar being. Just wish y’all had more flower!
a month ago
This is my store and the people here are very helpful, kind, and knowledgeable. Bernard helped me today with an exchange and it couldn’t have been smoother. He was very patient and understanding. Everyone there has been wonderful.
2 months ago

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