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Other Reviews

I love this place great products not bad prices. I bought my mom here at least every 2-3 months. She just passed away in June 13 but this place was a life saver to her. She was so happy to see a plant she loved be come open to her. She could legal smoke weed without having to go to jail. Sad people everyday who really need this is going to jail because it.
2 months ago
For a nervous first timer at 50yrs old. Ive been told my whole life how bad marijuana was. The assistants were totally professional. And so informative I lost any reservations or fears. Well done!
a week ago
I guess I should not look a gifted horse in the mouth. I am thankful for Trulieve as a dispensary. I got my license and went in for my first appointment, and I have been wanting to say that I felt a bit taken advantage of. I had hoped for a cool experience with some explanation. I certainly appreciated the discounts and maybe the person helping me was new or poorly trained on what is potentially very personal process. I did however notice that the sales person seemed to be trained on how to get patients to spend as much money as possible, without any talk about what might help me more medically. I made my Second purchase through on-line order then pick up. This is definitely the easy way to go. Make sure you complete your order and unless you are doing an ordered pick up don't go on Friday afternoon. I wish it were easier to tell the strain name and I have to add that if we have such a limited amount of choices. It almost seems like the old days when you took what you could get. Overall Trulieve seems to try and I have always been treated respectfully. They really should look into an expanded teaching opportunity, rather then having to ask someone how it works. Also I compliment Trulieve for actually trying to help us know the strain names. Some places don't even do that. P.s. take some time and do some research and Trulieve is a good place to start.
3 weeks ago
*EDIT* As of this month, their stock has greatly increased, both in size and variety of strains, and they have a number system that makes the wait shorter and a lot less confusing. It's not quite as busy either, as some other dispensaries have started selling flower, and the quality of the flower + the customer service are just as great as before.
a month ago
Lacks delegation skills. Should have a separate stock for express orders. Line is way too long for over price over trimmed bud. Any one can make resin, and most of the products. Normally out of stock of any medications I need for ptsd. It’s more of a hassle really. Sadly it’s the best bud in town. This in no way is a reflection on lower staff. This has everything to do with management and their ability to do just that manage. Except on the bud trimmer, lighten up a bit. However, I did notice that the face staff do seem to be jumpy. This is also the fault of management that has seemed to create an atmosphere of slight anxiety not conducive to that of a healthy work place. Simply put you can not blame the waitress for the cooks problems.
a month ago

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