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My sister just frequented this place. Of the two different places she went for her medicinal prescriptions, she by far likes this one much much better. Better product, better prices just all around better. And from one I noticed I agree with her 100%. It's a great lil spot!
a week ago
Absolutely wonderful staff, service and products. From the people at the front desk to the security personnel. Everyone was helpful, informative and polite. I experienced a minimal 5 to 10 minute wait and the staff was very informative. Best quality flower and concentrate in the Orlando area. Love this place lol.
2 weeks ago
If you are African American stay as far away from truelieve. The workers in there do not respect us or our business, they will turn us around and lie and say they have no flower. While another white/Hispanic person is at the register making purchases on any and everything they want with respect and the golden treatment. Grow healthy is better in quality and quantity.
2 weeks ago
Never thought in my life I'd be going to a store like this. Whole experience was surreal. Very helpful staff. Unfortunately the price is a bit higher than I thought but they do have discounts to offset the cost of the medicine. Quality product though. Very impressed with the overall quality of what I bought and the professionalism of the employees
a month ago
Excellent location! The staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable. Andy spent extra time explaining the differences between cartridges and offering suggestions based off of my preferences and I ended up loving his recommendation (it might be my new favorite strain)! Skip the line and order ahead and WAIT UNTIL THE TEXT MESSAGE to go pick up - I’ve never spent more than 2-10 minutes waiting for checkout.
2 months ago

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