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GrowHealthy is a leading medical cannabis dispensary in Florida. We produce premier-quality, all-natural medicinal cannabis products that help our patients live healthier lives. A state-licensed producer, GrowHealthy sets the industry standard for product quality, purity and safety, resulting in 100% natural, toxin-free medical cannabis products that provide relief for chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms, and promote personal optimization, balance and general wellness.

We are compassionate-care advocates and champions of natural and alternative medicinal healing; and are committed to serving Florida’s medical marijuana patients with unmatched product quality and safety and exceptional customer service.


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First-Time Patient Discount: $75 off $150!
Financial Hardship Discount: 20% Off
20% OFF
Cannabis Community: 15% Off
15% OFF
Veteran's Discount: 30% Off Every Order
30% OFF
Next Day Delivery for $25: Available in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties
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Other Reviews

Pros: Very accommodating staff. Yes waiting rm is small, parking is tricky but it’s a central location. Cons: lack of inventory online and changes add to frustration with product being unavailable when needed. **Would definitely recommend calling before heading out their way**
2 weeks ago
HIGHly recommended. EXCELLENT first impression made by Alex B and Shelly!!! Warm welcome and an appreciated tour into the facility ! They definitely have a great process to make a customer feel relaxed and comfortable! Very knowledgeable staff with an abundant amount of information. I later returned to pick up and met the other Alex (Detroit) and Jade. Again, A GREAt experience. TWICE in one day by the next shift ! The Flower ..... let’s just say the OTHER of my TOP 2 Recommended ! Great options. Concept is Mind, Body and Balance ! Easy to remember. Great product selection. Great prices. Great discounts. Hours of operation until 9pm which is so convenient for many !!! GROW HEALTHY - I’m here for it !!! Excellent flower and staff !!!!
4 weeks ago
I wanted to post a lot better review considering I'm practically your number one consumer & you do have the best extraction method for your oils, however I was in there today and found the display models to be so old they should be taken down immediately... and the price change lowering and changing your mix and match for 1 gram that you do not have at any dispensary! Veterans, now just to have to pay more money than we have for the past 2 years, how is that lowering prices? If it wasn't for Toni I wouldn't give any stars and would rather give 5 Stars just for her customer service... Please update your products so patients actually get medication instead of driving for hours for no good reason!
a month ago
The product quality is good, prices are decent, staff is polite. My only issue is the waiting room. It's so small, with only room for about 5-6 people to sit, and even then you'd be shoulder to shoulder. Its such a small room that it also gets a bit too warm for comfort in the waiting area. Other dispensaries in the area with similar product quality and prices have much better waiting rooms with proper AC and adequate seating.
a month ago
I wanted to wait until I had gone to all of the dispensaries in the area at least once to really get a feel for it all. First off great staff and great location as well as decor and atmosphere. But where it really gets good is the product. I have only tried the flower and distillate but those product are arguably the best in Florida. They use cannabis terps on most distillates which I really prefer. They have a couple fruity flavors which are plant based like mango which funny enough might be my favorite. The flower is just perfect. The most intense smell and tasting flower in town which I could type paragraph after paragraph explaining the perfection of their buds. Only gripe is the discount program went away and they have a little work on pricing especially on flower and of course I was out of town when they had an amazing flash sale. Anytime you see a sale here just stock up with all you can. Thanks GrowHealthy for being a top notch dispensary
2 months ago

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