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Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Have had flower and pre-rolls consistently lately. Best quality flower on the market IMHO. Plus the employees are happier here than at TL.
a week ago
They are always out of stock on flower and prerolls. Nice people but what good is nice if they never can fill an order. I’ve tried many times with the same results. Sadly.
4 weeks ago
5 stars expérience, great customer service and product. I was helped by Michelle, she really was very professional, very knowledgeable, and really really nice :) thank you so much ! I will definitely be back. Mimi
a month ago
Excellent service, quality products, plus I am a huge fan of the THC/CBD cream. The cream is a perfect alternative over pain-relieving pills. I no longer have to take Aleve for my arthritis and other muscle pains.
a month ago
I was traveling in Miami and stopped at Knox because they were open at 10 am on a Sunday morning. Placed my order online beforehand and found the website was easy to use and navigate. Received text messages from the Jane system updating me on my order status. Walked in at 10 am and I was the only patient there and was greeted pleasantly. The store itself is clean, bright, and welcoming. Tim who assisted me was very friendly, informative, and thorough. The entire visit was less than 10 minutes. Looking forward to trying their products and I hope they are as satisfying as my store visit was.
7 months ago

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