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WOW!! I am speechless at the quality of not just the Polaris Flower (which helped me with a major back pain and problem that I was crying almost hysterical from the pain) but at the amazing attention and care from Mr. Lawrence and the entire staff at Fluent in North Miami. They definitely care A LOT and it shows ????. Thank you to everyone with all my heart ??!!. The flower is truly a miracle!! I went from not being able to move my right arm fully and painfully walking (which I needed assistance to do) to almost a rather faint pain which has become bearable and now I can even walk on my own!!! Miracles are right here on earth, this amazing plant took away just about all the pain. I just can’t believe I can walk in literally under 30 minutes!!!! I can barely feel the pain ?? Thank you!!!
in the last week
So far so good. They were very informative. Very friendly over the phone. Explains everything, in detail. The entire process, from beginning, to end. I called for a family member. And to my surprise, there was a nice young lady, with a friendly personality. I was very impressed. Which is why I yeah, I gave this business five stars. Customer service is very important. And not many businesses, are practicing, this anymore. So I take my hat off, to the owners, and the CEOs, and management of this company. Job well done. You are just another wonderful, business addition to the city of North Miami. We welcome you. If you enjoyed this review, please give me a thumbs up, by pressing the like button.
a week ago
Friendly. Knowledgeable. Really informed about the product line. Very impressed. Suggested products work rather effectively. Will return.
a month ago
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Have had flower and pre-rolls consistently lately. Best quality flower on the market IMHO. Plus the employees are happier here than at TL.
a month ago
They are always out of stock on flower and prerolls. Nice people but what good is nice if they never can fill an order. I’ve tried many times with the same results. Sadly.
2 months ago

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