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The waits are way to long for those who put in an online order. 75% of the time I get a text and an email stating my order was ready but when I get there they had no record of my order. Even after showing location verification I had to wait...and wait...and wait. The front desk girls should be a little more professional. It’s a constant gab fest of who’s baby mama was where and what that one guy said...Your patients don’t want to hear that or the constant profanity that comes out of your waiting room radio station. The back is on point. They get the job done and resolve issues. Over all a three I’d give.
in the last week
More and more people find themselves turning to medical cannabis. Even medical doctors are recognizing the contribution of this alternate form of treatment. After an initial interview and paperwork your application and registration through the State of Florida. If you meet the criteria the cannabis treats a wide variety of ailments in ways traditional medical methods can't treat more effectively. A little goes a long way to treat intractable nausea and bouts of insomnia. The staff at the New Port Richey location are very knowledgeable. I'm for it especially when even the best medicine is ineffective. No judgment, just caring whenever I've visited.
in the last week
Friendly smart people. They always take care of their patients. Now they are always stocked and orders are processed on time.
2 weeks ago
Today was the first time I visited this store. I have to say it's ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! The staff, security guard, including the young ladies behind the desk are AWESOME! I really want to thank everyone, but most of all "Tyler" who assisted me. I will post again & take pictures. I wish EVERY store had employees like this!
2 months ago
This is a place that welcomes you and educates you upon entering. I am a true believer in the medical help that cannabis can provide to all ages and for all ailments. It relieves so many medical issues and actually gets individuals off of the modern pharmaceutical drugs that so many of us are on and have been on for many years just to get daily relief and helps us to function throughout the day. If medical marijuana were to be available to everyone I truly believe our world would exist in a much better place and society would make visible changes for the better! I am a true believer and have family members currently using it legally and have seen the changes.
4 months ago

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