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They have a monopoly on delivery to my area (my condition demands delivery) and now the delivery has turned into a four or five hour wait fest. Low quality weed and the highest prices I've ever paid for bud. After 3 years of service I still feel like a new patient every time I talk to them. Does anybody have my back down there? Not only has this experience been costly, it has not lived up to its promises either. I'm getting ready to jump ship. Email you so we can work it out? Just score quality products and no one would complain about your high prices and poor service.
in the last week
Excellent dispensary. Great service and friendly staff! Selection and quality is always top notch with competitive prices!!
in the last week
I went to the New Port Richey location and received the best customer service. Billy B took care of me and all my concerns—he made it such a convenient and positive experience. I wish more places had people like him. I will absolutely be going back.
a week ago
Let me start off by saying excellent service and attention to detail from all staff. My cashier Briana (whom I mistook as the manger from her professionalism and depth of knowledge) not only listened to everything I had to say attentively but she went above and beyond to make sure I knew my way around a new product she suggested, she explained it so well that when I went home and tried this new product I had never heard about before, I used it and did it confidentially and successfully! I have found the right product for me and my pain because she took the time to listen and understand what I needed personally. This will be my ONLY store I shop with. Thank you Trulieve and Briana for making me feel like family.
a month ago
The waits are way to long for those who put in an online order. 75% of the time I get a text and an email stating my order was ready but when I get there they had no record of my order. Even after showing location verification I had to wait...and wait...and wait. The front desk girls should be a little more professional. It’s a constant gab fest of who’s baby mama was where and what that one guy said...Your patients don’t want to hear that or the constant profanity that comes out of your waiting room radio station. The back is on point. They get the job done and resolve issues. Over all a three I’d give.
2 months ago

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