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I came in with 3 people in front of me sat for an hour finally went in after 3 people that came in after me very poor management.. on my third visit it was supposed to be buy one get one free on my entire order went there to buy for cartridges and they tried to charge me $180 true leaf is charging 45 dollars for their $60 cartridge better quality faster service much better place true Leaf much better over fluent true Leaf is on 19 southbound lane New Port Richey true Leaf also has all of their flower always except for their Monday specials where you get pieces of flour for half price fluent runs out of their flower on a regular basis
in the last week
after receiving the text about the first come first serve 28.39% flower woke up early to jane my order but the gem was not listed indicating they have none. went to the store anyway just to make sure. when i arrived i asked if they still had the gem. i was told yes, so i waited 30+ minutes. while i was waiting i checked jane again and they still did not list the gem indicating no stock. the girl called me back and i immediately asked if they had the gem and of course i was told no they had none but was assured when i got the they did have it. draw your own conclusions about their bait and switch but they wasted my time and they are no longer on the menu
a week ago
Experienced other local shops but Fluent seems to have their affairs in order better then others! No matter when I go here, I do not spend more then 30-45 mins. I love their rewards program and the fact my Veteran status is applied Everytime! The staff is very friendly and trust to get you exactly what you need /want! Highly recommend this spot!!
2 weeks ago
When I checked in I was told I would have a 20-30 minute wait. Ended up waiting an 1 hour and 15 minutes. Every express order that comes to pick up will be checked in and served prior to taking your walk in order. If the express pick up patient would like to chat and add additional items to their order, you as a walk in client will still have to wait. If a client comes in who knows some of the staff that work there, their order will be prioritized over your order. Trulieve and Surterra problem solved this with their ordering system. Fluent still has a lot processing issues to resolve before it will be worth my time to go back.
2 months ago
Very nice dispensary. I will not be going back to the other local options after my experience today at fluent. Josh d. Helped me today and was very personable and took his time to explain all of fluents products to me. This was over all a great experience in part because of Josh. Any adult that expects more from the medical Cannabis industry this is the place to go. You have to try for yourself.
4 months ago

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