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Wow. I was so happy to locate my favorite strain in flower. A wonderful beautiful bud that actually has the flavor and texture of real cannabis. I don’t know about others but I’ve been disappointed in the flavor of other dispensaries product. This one is so much better. Thank you. Additionally, customer service and ambiance were seamless with attention to detail. I DID notice I was supposed to get a free vape pen in addition to the 25% off for the first visit, and didn’t but I don’t mind as I have one and prefer flower. I was thinking it would have been nice to have a nice grinder... just an idea for the future??
2 weeks ago
Very knowledge staff I love the consistency up until my last purchase last week. Odra severely under performed as a matter of fact it kept me awake which is ver unusual. I am guessing it’s that batch, needless to say that I am taking a few days off and I hope a new batch comes soon. Inventory for my product according to text message alerts ( I love this feature btw) is so low it’s not in stock. **** I refuse to go to other dispensaries because there products are not as potent as Fluent’s.... I am patiently waiting Fluent.
2 weeks ago
Great customer service from start to end. Sgt Rick Garcia Ret USA
4 weeks ago
Beautiful store and staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Have had lots of different strains of flower in stock lately. My favorite dispensary in FL.
a month ago
I go there for the General manager. She is the sweetest person. Awesome personality! ??J
3 months ago

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