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This review has nothing to do with the actual store or the wonderful people who work their at the Miami Beach store. They are all extremely pleasant, helpful, and more than accommodating. Though Be aware! Never complain or question anyone on the phone with customer service. Especially a supposed supervisor. They will close your account. Ignorance is such an amazing thing. When educated if you just knock on veterans doors unannounced you might not be greeted as kindly as expected they take it as a threat. Cowardly. Again Millenials don't care about others. Convenience for themselves. Almost certain with only two stores in an area of South Florida saturated with competitors word of mouth is all that is needed. Truely amazing! Hate having to leave this. Their medicine is real. Their delivery service and customer service on the phone needs to change for the better because it will be the downfall of what should have been a corporation.
a week ago
Such a great experience and Cristian was super helpful. I went in with my Verdosome cannabis DNA test results and he was able to match me with products that suited my needs. Overall a positive and pleasant experience. Will definitely be back.
a month ago
Buyer beware that if you are not aware of the 20 percent off of your second purchase, they will not give it to you. I ran in real quickly to a store for my second purchase for something. Nothing really and not given it. I called for a real purchase and they would not honor it even though it was not given. Not good business.
a month ago
Awesome products with knowledgeable staff. Well located. Well stocked. Obliged!
3 weeks ago
What an experience..... the Miami Beach store continues to exceeds my expectations. My experience with dispensaries in general, is for the most part, "sale focused". I've yet to have that experience with Surterra. Still being new to the cannabis lifestyle, they take the time and patience to help me through understanding it all. The comfort and smiles (especially Leslie's. She's a sweet heart) really helps brighten my days. I leave with a sense of relief of finding medication that actually works and is making a difference in my life.
6 months ago

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