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The people at the front desk and the budtenders are all very friendly and helpful at this location, they really try their best to make their patients feel at ease.. This would be a five star location but finding parking can be a very difficult at times so it can make things a bit stressful, otherwise it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re around.
a week ago
I just got back home from a frustrating experience at Trulieve in Melbourne. It is a 25-mile drive to get to the dispensary. I placed an online order Sunday. However, I forgot something so I tried to amend my online order. It was not possible. No problem, I thought they would let me add one item when I went to pick up my product. WRONG. I was told if I had told them when I first arrived, they would have place me on a pick up and walk in line. There is not anything online or in the store that states this practice. The tender that I asked said I could not add anything but said I could ask the manager. She called, Michael( I think that was his name), the store manager over so I could ask him. He told me to go back out and get in line!!!! He also said people who pick up orders are let in sooner than walk ins. I have not seen this happen. When I enter I carefully note the other people and who was in the store before me. I have NEVER been called in to enter the store ahead of anyone who was in the store before I entered. The manager either lied to me or the store doesn’t adhere to this practice.I spent $148 dollars and just wanted to add one item. Whatever happened to customer service? Suterra and Liberty Health are a lot closer for me. Guess I will be giving them my money from now on......
a month ago
pleasant staff, good product. however...very, very low stocks of much of the desired flower. will accept online orders even if there is no inventory. half of your order = not enough points for 10% discount. you pay full price for what you do get and receive only half of your order. they win, the customers lose. the staff seems have no authority to provide solutions. I heard several other people in the same situation when I was in the store. update...still perpetually no product available after the first 30 minutes after its released.
a month ago
Love trulieve quality but... SUPPLY AND DEMAND. it's getting ridiculous. I've waited more than a hour before in line, and I was even fine with that but now we can't even get actual flower cause you have no stock, it's been a month of trying. Sold out in 52 minutes today? That's street dealer stuff. can you finally get enough flower to be real dispensary or open more near by with the thousands of dollars that all these people are spending.
a month ago
I normally love this place but this is twice now I have ordered something and it never gets filled before it’s out of stock. Today I had my order in at 9:30am and still that was too late. What’s the point of having it for online purchase? Not to mention I sat on hold for over an hour finally got someone he ordered it for me and called me back two hours later to say it still couldn’t be fulfilled and that I would have to drive hours for it. Not worth it.
2 months ago

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