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Have to agree with the other good reviews here. This place is super. It can be crowded at times but that is to be expected when you choke the supply of a product in the market place. Not their fault at all. As to the store and the people who work there? They are top notch! The concierge was especially impressive in that he very nearly got my, very difficult to pronounce, guttural, full first name pronounced correctly. I was very impressed as no one ever gets close normally... Here is the impressive part: It turns out that he practices with the reps in the back on all difficult names before coming out to call it!! We with tough to pronounce first names, are used to them being butchered so this is a small, small thing to us but yet it is important to them... The fact that their chief customer person takes such care in trying to satisfy the customer speaks volumes for the business and the leadership in the place. Thank you for striving to be excellent instead of just good...
in the last week
An amazing array of products in this dispensary! If you shop all over just to get the sales, stop it! This is the best place around and the prices are on point for their superb products. Everything I needed was in stock, which isn't always the case in some of the others. This is my 3rd different dispensary shop in 2 years and it will remain my permanent go-to. The staff is very professional; I need to send a special shout out to Justin ...he helped me out today and he was very helpful and knowledgeable about something I wanted to try for the first time. I recommend you ask if he is there when you visit. Anyways, happy shopping and you're guaranteed a blissful rest of your day ??
in the last week
I am a regular here. I order online and the wait is usually quite short. Justin was my cancierge and made the whole experience effortless and pleasant. Great friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you are looking for a regular dispensary you cant go wrong with Trulieve
a week ago
I have been coming here since they opened this location and have been with Trulieve since the MMJ bill was passed in 2017. The people are always kind and respectful, and the manager is just as great. Do people sometimes make a mistake? Sure, but they work to fix it as quickly as possible. I can honestly say they do what they can for each patient and to ensure that the patients are taken care of. Would highly recommend this place above all other dispensaries in the area!
2 weeks ago
It's High Up there on my List, Though I'm just a guest taking Someone Who can't drive for Medical reasons. I know they would be even Better if Florida Laws would ever Listen to How the State Laws are Screwed in Many ways, The People and Security is Well informed and Willing to Answer any Questions as I had asked a Few myself.
2 weeks ago

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