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Just left 20 mins ago with a smile on my face. Shannon G. was EXTREMELY helpful to all of my 1st time questions. I cant wait to go back.
a week ago
My experience was not good they refused to replace a faulty vape cartridge at that time plus they were rude. It was because I didn’t want to purchase a Knoxx pen. I know the Mah on the pens I used a jack knife it’s 510. Hello that’s what they are unless it doesn’t have a button. Even the Trulieve pens for the new cartridge they wanted to sell me guess what what I have works fine. You the public you have ur favorite places don’t go by me. But that was my experience.
4 weeks ago
Refused to replace defective products Manager never reached out to solve issues. Now I buy where I am treated with respect and no product issues. ]
2 months ago
Since it first opened this has been my favorite dispensary. The staff is professional, friendly, knowledgable and welcoming. They remember you and make your visit personal. By far the staff is what makes Fluent special. The products they sell are top of the line. The only vape cartridges I'll use. I like that they come in many different strengths and that I know what strain is in the cartridge. Makes choosing meds so much easier with options on how you medicate. The only draw back I have ever found is that the new cartridges tend to leak. I've had a few leak now (just the new ones) but they have made it right with me so I'm happy. I'm hoping to see them grow in the future.
2 months ago
The products might be good, who knows? It seems like every product I have called for lately is out of stock, and they have no idea of when it will be back in stock. All Sativa tinctures out of stock for delivery in my area. They are also out of stock at the nearest dispensary, which for me is over an hour away. I don't know if it's supply chain issues or what, but I have been forced into trying other companies because of their lack of product.
3 months ago

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