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Harvest House of Cannabis in Jacksonville offers a personalized experience to meet your cannabis needs. Whatever strain or format you prefer, from flowers to tinctures to edibles and everything in between. Harvest has the right cannabis for you.


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Beautiful layout of the store. Staff is very friendly and helpful, manager always makes sure that you have a great experience :) I love the fact that they have informational booklets to educate new users. Products are great quality AND more affordable compared to other dispensaries. Best thing to me about this place would be their policy on cartridges. If your cart starts to act up (*so long as you use their affordable battery with the cart*), you can take it in and they will look at it. They'll either fix it for you, swap it out with another one, or give you a discount on your next order. Their store layout, customer service, product policies, and product quality are models to follow.10/10 would recommend to a friend
4 months ago
Bought some CBD/THC 1:1 ratio tablets , I thought anyway, the sales guy put them in the bag and folded with my receipt. Well, I usually take one daily, opened the container took one the next morning grab the bottle and noticed it said THC... Now, I know why I felt weird the day before... After the storm I was able to get back to the store today, to let them know and the manager told me he could sell me the right ones but could not take these back? Bottom line, no matter if they fold your bag, even staple it, open at the counter and pull out to be sure. Also, the bottles should be labeled better to tell the difference easier....
a week ago
This dispensary has really impressed me over the past 3 months, referring to flower. The first batch was VERY meh, but the last two purchases I've made were some quality product. The pricing is fantastic for the quality, coming close to cheapest in Florida, and they're just gonna keep getting better. The staff is extremely nice and helpful, there's never any confusion with orders, it's a very straightforward process (as it should be). Harvest would be my go-to dispensary if they had a consistent stock of flower, and concentrates are on the way according to some employees. This place has a very bright future.
a month ago
This may be my favorite dispensary in Jax. Staff are so welcoming and have wonderful energy. Great layout and colors inside. Game changing products. Excellent selection of hardware. If you dab, check out their gear selection. Great pricing. Cannot wait to see their full lineup come out.
2 months ago
They're open daily from 9-5 which is incredibly convenient. Great prices on Grimmdica today and looks like I accumulated some rewards points too! Sales rep was very knowledgeable and I look forward to returning
2 months ago

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