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Alexis is just FANTASTIC. When you speak to her you can tell she truly cares about every question and statement you make to her. If there if a concern or question that you have, she will make the time to answer each and every question. If she is not able to answer your question, she will find someone in the store that can answer your question. She makes you want to come back to the store and shop more. She not only answers your questions, but she breaks it down to a simple form to make sure you understand it. She also remembers her customers and when she makes a recommendation, she makes sure she asks you about it when you return to make sure she was able to help you. I have had to deal with a lot of people when it comes to customer service and I whole heartily wish we were able to make a large number of clones of her and place her into positions where she is training and managing people and the customer service industry would improve 20 fold. Alexis thank you for the care you show every time I am there.
in the last week
Great place clean and very helpful. Definitely repeat customer! Need to set up the express!
2 months ago
I used to go when it was Knox, however like many others had said they always are out of products. Is way to expensive for what it is. It used to be a great place at the beginning but by far there are many other dispensaries to go get medicine.
2 months ago
Love the high quality products at this location. The staff always helps me find something new that becomes a staple. The staff is attentive and friendly. They’re wait times are so short, that I can be in and out in 20 minutes! Love Fluent!
3 months ago
I have worked there for almost a year and have really enjoyed the experience. Fluent is a great place to come if you are a patient. Staff members are very knowledgeable and the store is also kept clean at all times.
4 months ago

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