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From day one, Harvest has been driven by an unwavering desire to improve lives through the goodness of cannabis. That’s why everything from our cultivation efforts, to our retail stores, to the brands we create and carry are crafted and curated to deliver an unrivaled experience for our customers. Our expert budtenders will provide you with any guidance you may need to find the perfect product to fit your unique needs. Cannabis may support many areas of your life including physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional and occupational. We believe that if you put the best care into your cannabis, it’ll take the best care of you. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, Harvest House of Cannabis can help.


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Really good quality and really cool store. Fun to go in and great products. I liked this one over some of the other stores in town. Will be back
in the last week
Not the strongest high but for the price the Harvest house of cannabis Gainesville Florida 14g flower (Florida's Gift) with 14% THC and 4%CBD is okay and basically satisfying! Not the strongest but satisfactory! ??? Thank you Harvest hoc of Gainesville. ?
2 weeks ago
Had my first trip in on Saturday. Liz and Mason were absolutely wonderful and patient oriented. I was taken back by Liz’s product knowledge and very pleased with her professionalism. Mason went out of his was to make sure I was taken care of as a patient with a kind and compassionate manor. I was very pleased with the level of care and service I received. Aesthetically speaking, the building is well kept and very nicely decorated, however I would go back for Liz and Mason first :)
a month ago
For starters, I urge you to return to this review as it will be updated each time I remember something amazing about Harvest that I left off. Kari was one of the many people that helped me last. She was great, full of knowledge, yet willing to seek out an answer if needed—as opposed to making it up. I will edit as I learn more of the names I’ve already forget. I just wanted to get this review in and get the word out. Harvest is the real deal. Harvest wins the award for speed. By the time the order is sent from your phone, it’s ready before you can find your keys to leave. Unless they’re already in your hand—that’s cheating. I’ve placed orders online AT OTHER DISPENSARIES that still take 30 min to an hour to pick up AFTER you’ve checked in. Luckily, who’s in a rush??! Harvest wins the award for strain names so far. Puck Yeah was funny. But try explaining “One Night Stand”—which is a the first I’ve seen this. —>$35 for an 1/8 and a 10% special discount right now?!? If this gets out, maybe those $50-$53 1/8 will go lower too. “One Night Stand” is a great strain. For $31.50. I mean, it’s horrible. Don’t try it. Then they won’t run out :). Harvest wins the award for sporadic specials. 10% off here and there is nice, but I accidentally stumbled into 5 for $35 1g pre rolls. $35!!! 5g!!! Do the math. I’ll wait.... while you are doing the math, I went and picked up 3 more. Are you listening other dispensaries?? 5g for $35 full one gram pre rolls. Harvest wins the award for appearance. The layout is amazing. Bright. Open. Clean. And they are located on the uncontested edge of archer—just by 75. As a fan of the Miami Dolphins, I cant help but notice the bright yellow and black color theme. Someone is either a Pittsburgh fan. Or bees. In all, The team at Harvest are all friendly and welcoming. It really is a pleasure to go there. Grow Harvest grow!!
3 months ago
I do like Harvest HOC . They have some very nice products. I also grabbed an edible book. There pre-rolls are good. I've gotten hold of a lot that are not. Defiantly try them. Also like the night time capsules.
3 months ago

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