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Wish I could give zero stars. I went for my first visit there and got a vape. I tried it a few times didnt really like the taste, but said whatever I'll have it when I need it. Well I ended up needing it and used for 2 days. I ended up losing my voice and my throat and chest hurt. I was able to get some flower and not smoke that vape anymore and my voice is coming back and my throat feels a little better. Dont fully have my voice back, but went in and said my piece and they tell me well we can give u a discount on next purchase well uh.... why would I want their stuff if it did that to me. I have smoked different vapes and never have I ever felt that way.... I went off a little and let them know this is why they have no business. Trulieve always has my back, and that is where I will continue to go. Moral of the story is horrible customer service with the girl up front today!!!! And the dude who came to talk to me. I appreciate that, but it's too late. Have already said and will post other places so no one gets screwed like I did on garbage. And no I didnt smoke the whole thing. Still got half or a little more left in it. My medicine is supposed to help me not make me worse is all!!!! Have a blessed day!!!!
a week ago
I love Fluent. Have went to them since they were Knox Medical. High quality EVERYTHING. If they never ran out of Flower I’d never go to Trulieve. Lol. Also, shout out to James. Super respectful; cares about you and what you got going on. Great guy!
a month ago
Saw the Dr Catlin. Very nice doctor very soft spoken. I got ok from him and now I'm waiting on the Health Dept to approve me. Takes about 2-3 weeks. Can't wait to have no more pain
2 months ago
Quality and speedy service. Sadly no sativa flower! Why ?
3 months ago
Accompanied a friend here and was pleasantly surprised. The place was immaculate and waiting room was like that of a high end doctor's office. Staff was uniformed, clean cut, friendly and very professional. I was very impressed with everything I saw and heard. It completely blew my preconceived conceptions of a dispenser out of the water. This was my first experience at such a facility. Very classy! I felt my friend was in good hands.
3 months ago

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