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They get five stars from me because they have the best Military discount.
3 weeks ago
You are surrounded by nothing but competition in the Florida panhandle, with new competing stores opening up frequently ie Trulieve Destin. With no real need to drive the extra distance to Ft Walton now, why would I go there to you anyways when you sell your "new" melt and rosin for 100$ a gram? You are 40$ overpriced and are very under dosed in thc percentage in comparison to your local competitors. Your competitors have been selling these exact products you just received as "new" for over a year now, for 40$ cheaper and better quality. Not only all of this, you rarely have flower and all of your competitors either match or have a higher discount for veterans and offer better loyalty reward programs. The word is getting out fast fluent and you are behind.
3 weeks ago
I’m tired of going in there and being confronted by a scowling security guard with his hand on his sidearm. If you want you stand there and pretend you’re the fastest draw in FWB, that’s fine. But, keep your hand off your weapon, unless you’re ready to use it.
a month ago
Very kind knowledgeable, friendly, really get to know thier customers. Makes you feel like everyone's family here.. All the workers are dope, super knowledgeable, and will answer any questions pertaining to the your there. Kayla answered all of my questions allowing me to actually get the actual strain/ route of administration that is best for me. Without them being patient, they could just say here get this and have you on our way. But since they get to know you they can give you good advice about what would be best for you.
4 months ago
The staff here will become your friends after a few times of shopping here. Kayla waited on me yesterday one of my favorites they have working there and she always has helpful advice. Really clean store and never really a long wait. Thanks so much !
5 months ago

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