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I'm editing my review. Fluent is nothing but fast, convenient, and professional. My past three experiences have been great. This the fastest dispensary I've been to. My average visit is less than 20 minutes. This store is now getting stocked more often, and their flower is starting to get pretty good!
2 months ago
**Edit 2- After trying a few more local dispensaries, and giving Fluent a few more tries, I would have to say that my initial impression was probably just a fluke. Every time I go in, the staff is friendly and professional; the stock has increased to more types of product and they are in-stock more often. The ordering and pickup process are top notch and beat the other dispensaries hands-down. **Edit- Kayla reached out to me regarding my concerns and explained that the process is still in the early phase and is being streamlined for future promotions. Despite my initial frustration, Kayla was open and made every effort to address my problem. Don't be fooled by their "specials". If you show up to get a "special" you will wait outside and be turned away with nothing when they run out. I was told the wait was 30 minutes, after 1.5 hours they sold out of the "special" and told everyone outside waiting to go home. There were maybe 30 people and only the first 15 got the "special". Don't waste your time.
in the last week
Very kind knowledgeable, friendly, really get to know thier customers. Makes you feel like everyone's family here.. All the workers are dope, super knowledgeable, and will answer any questions pertaining to the your there. Kayla answered all of my questions allowing me to actually get the actual strain/ route of administration that is best for me. Without them being patient, they could just say here get this and have you on our way. But since they get to know you they can give you good advice about what would be best for you.
4 weeks ago
Fluent placed my order and said they/it would arrive in 7 days. No call, no show, no nothing. I call them back and they don't know anything about the order and now are out of stock of the product. Not very professional if you ask me, I would say go somewhere else.
a month ago
The staff here will become your friends after a few times of shopping here. Kayla waited on me yesterday one of my favorites they have working there and she always has helpful advice. Really clean store and never really a long wait. Thanks so much !
2 months ago

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