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Today was my first time visiting Fluent. Sulton was very helpful, and the rest of the staff were friendly. It’s greatly appreciated, especially since I was just approved last week. So, this is all new to me. I hope that they will eventually accept VISA. They only accepted cash and/or MasterCard only. I had to use the on-site ATM and pay an additional $2.50 ATM fee.
in the last week
Sean at the front desk has a great personality they where out of the product that I wanted Sean then escalated situation for me and found another store that had what I wanted. He has a great ability to make someone feel comfortable as well as handle the situation without making you feel as if it wasn't his problem. Thanks buddy
2 weeks ago
All the flower I have recieved has been wet which adds weight. And the full gram carts have 30 % cut which defeats the purpose. Not happy about that or the variety of strands. Other than that people are friendly and nice and knowledgeable.
3 weeks ago
CAPE CORAL LOCATION!! ????? I got a call from a friend telling me to check this place out. Not expecting to be very impressed, but I thought "give it a chance" I can easily say without hesitation that Fluent is now one of my favorite dispensaries!! They were limited on the choices of flower they had the time I went, but was told by an employee that they will be getting plenty of flower in soon. They have at least 6 or 7 different strains that will be on the shelf and ready to sell very soon. I went to the new location in the Cape and I can't say enough good things about how nice the staff were, the place is very clean and they take pride in their branding. They made sure that their packaging would stand out from the rest which makes a difference from a word of mouth point of view. Someone who has never been to Fluent or has never heard of them before would probably run across their product and or packaging and immediately be intrigued to go check the place out. The best part for me personally is that they have opened up a shop 5 mins from my house in the North Cape. Not many people know about that location yet, but when they do, they will be a very successful store! Easily one of this area's best dispensaries. Super impressed!!! ?????? Fluent-Cape Coral Location 103 SW 3rd Pl Cape Coral FL 33991
3 months ago
I have been around dispensaries all over the county, and this is the one I truly prefer. I see the same small group of employees and they know me. I trust their recommendations. This week I didn't feel good at all. It obviously showed and this young man RAN to fill my order. That meant a great deal.
3 weeks ago

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