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GrowHealthy is a leading medical cannabis dispensary in Florida. We produce premier-quality, all-natural medicinal cannabis products that help our patients live healthier lives. A state-licensed producer, GrowHealthy sets the industry standard for product quality, purity and safety, resulting in 100% natural, toxin-free medical cannabis products that provide relief for chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms, and promote personal optimization, balance and general wellness.

We are compassionate-care advocates and champions of natural and alternative medicinal healing; and are committed to serving Florida’s medical marijuana patients with unmatched product quality and safety and exceptional customer service.


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First-Time Patient Discount: $75 off $150!
Financial Hardship Discount: 20% Off
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Cannabis Community: 15% Off
15% OFF
Veteran's Discount: 30% Off Every Order
30% OFF
Next Day Delivery for $25: Available in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties
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Other Reviews

Super nice people... the rainmaker master grower series is what brought me in for my first visit if more of the nugs start to be this dank it will be a go to spot... that proper curing is key!!! Well done!!!
in the last week
Very nice ?? and so helpful.. Happy trying new places for THC... Thanks ?? Guys see U later!
in the last week
Started going here and enjoy every visit they are knowledgeable and kind and take the time to explain and assist You in finding the proper medication to fill Your prescription, Casey was and is still My favorite staff at GrowHealthy She put Me at ease and always has very good suggestion to address My Medical needs.
a month ago
The staff is great the place is great but they never have flour. When you use flower for medicinal purposes such as Crohn’s disease you have to have the flower every day you can’t wait days and weeks. This is not the only dispensary in my area every dispensary here is like that and I think it’s horrible if you had a heart pill prescribed to you they don’t run out a heart pills !
3 months ago
Great service great deals. My girlfriend and I ordered syringes accidentally when we wanted cartridges. Jose repeated our order to us multiple times and I thought he mistook our cartridges for syringes. I didn’t speak up out of fear of being rude. Turned out we thought we ordered grams which they don’t even sell (newbies from NY). I checked in the car and went in and explained. They were patient and made it work despite 5 people coming in at once. It was completely our fault and they took the time to make sure we got our medicine. Always amazing service and professional. Best place to go in town. Best product and best service. Thank you guys for always being great. Especially Jose for always giving detailed explanations and enthusiasm through conversation with an infectious smile. Thank you to the supervisor for not making us feel like complete idiots!!!!
4 months ago

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