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I was misinformed about the effects of CBD mixed with THC lessened the effect of THC high. I bought 12 pre rolled and they do nothing for me. I probably won't return.
a month ago
Overpriced Vape with MTC cut when you can get CO2 or Ethanol extraction with Zero Cut for the same price everywhere else. Hmm 30% THC for 50$ or 80% for the same price. Plus they don’t have Rosin or Terp sauce. MUV is definitely where you should shop
2 months ago
Great experience here. Prices were high but the first, second, third deals are good. Staff is friendly!
3 months ago
I am not a patient, but a loved one of mine is. Fluent allows me to go back and ask questions and learn along with my loved one. Jade is one of the managers there and she has a strong medical background. It is nice to know she is available for questions and recommendations.
6 months ago
In my opinion, Fluent products are the best. Others do not work for me like these. And I like that they have a natural taste. Who wants pineapple flavored cannabis tincture? Not me, which is why I shop here. As soon as you go in the door you're greeted with a smile. Every employee I've dealt with here has been knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Fluent.
7 months ago

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