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No discount for the first time purchase, because it's flower. I've heard awful things about this place. They used to be called Knox. They changed their name because of their bad reputation. Everything is overpriced. Nothing can be exchanged, and they put out a lot of defective products. Avoid this place.
2 months ago
Beautiful store! Great service! Highly recommend it. Lots of parking and they will have a drive thru soon.
5 months ago
I was the only patient there and it took them over 10 minutes to acknowledge me after walking through that front door. I decided this was just not the place for me
3 months ago
Loved the staff. Very energetic and caring for their patients.
2 months ago
Great spot, great staff! Pet Friendly as well! This is the like a target not an Walmart. Stop complaining about discounts and prices. You cannot compare Fluent quality with their cheap competitors. products. One dosage of their products is equivalent to 5 of the other dispensary. MUCH BETTER
2 months ago

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