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People can say what they want but as someone suffering from an autoimmune/inflammatory disease the creams minimize my inflammation and allows me to function throughout the day. It’s a miracle and I’m super thankful for the product!
3 weeks ago
Loved the staff. Very energetic and caring for their patients.
3 weeks ago
Would you buy a bud without seeing it. Come on guys $45 an 1/8 and you don’t have ONE open container for a customer to see. That’s just poor marketing . the store is empty because no one wants to buy what they cant see or smell come on now that is not hard to understand
3 weeks ago
Hands-down my favorite dispensary in Orlando. Plenty of parking and very fast service compared to others. Always leave here smiling :) they even do express pick up in store, A+
2 months ago
Great spot, great staff! Pet Friendly as well! This is the like a target not an Walmart. Stop complaining about discounts and prices. You cannot compare Fluent quality with their cheap competitors. products. One dosage of their products is equivalent to 5 of the other dispensary. MUCH BETTER
a month ago

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