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Evidence-Based Cannabis Products, Research-Based Growing Practices.

We are a family-owned and operated cannabis company, founded in 2014. We cultivate in a state-of-the-art indoor facility, designed and built specifically for growing high-end cannabis. We are proud to announce that we can now serve medical patients on-site at our Sanford location. Purchase product in the patient office, or see our licensed provider in the adjoining office to get your medical card.

We are focused on lean farming, which allows us to grow it better for less.

After attending a conference led by some of the top minds in botany and horticulture from around the world, our Master Grower became committed to improving our efficiencies with better growing and management practices. This has allowed us to produce grade "A" flower using environmentally friendly techniques at a low cost of production. These sustainable farming practices will allow us to provide you high quality, affordable products for years to come.Two of our owners are former medical professionals in the VA Healthcare System, including our on-site nurse practitioner. They dedicated their careers to helping those who served, using research-based medical practices to provide better care for their patients. We all agreed those core values should be reflected in our company culture and in our name, and Vetted was born.

*We accept walk-ins for medical cards Tuesday through Thursday: Non-veterans $50.00/ Veterans FREE