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The first medical marijuana dispensary in Utah opened in March of 2020. Patients can buy medical cannabis products prepared as dried flower, tinctures, topicals, transdermal patches and concentrates.

dibles may only be prepared as capsules or gelatinous cubes, however. The state does not allow for traditional edible preparations such as baked goods or candies.  The smoking of cannabis is not allowed in Utah, and can only be vaped. Additionally, concentrates are not permitted to be consumed via a method that uses a metal contact surface or combusted heating (such as a torch).


Is medical marijuana legal in Utah?

Yes, medical marijuana was made legal in Utah in 2018 by the passing of House Bill 3001, known as the Utah Medical Marijuana Act.

Is recreational cannabis legal in Utah?

No. Possession of any amount of cannabis under a pound is considered a misdemeanor offense. Punishment can range from up to a year in jail and fines up to $2,500.

How do I qualify for a medical cannabis license in Utah?

The Utah Medical Cannabis Act has stipulated several conditions that qualify for medical marijuana. Please visit our legal page under “Qualifying Patients” to view the complete list. UT Laws

Do I need to be 18 years old to have a medical marijuana license?

Patients under the age of 21 must be reviewed by the Compassionate Use Board to be eligible for medical marijuana in Utah. A minor cannot receive a medical cannabis card unless their parent or legal guardian qualifies for a medical cannabis guardian card. All guardians must have a Utah ID in order to access the state’s electronic verification system.

Where can I legally buy medical cannabis in Utah?

Cannabis can only be obtained legally from a state-licensed facility.

How much medical marijuana can I buy in Utah?

Within a 30-day period, qualifying patients may not purchase more than 113 grams of unprocessed cannabis (flower); and more than 20 grams of total composite THC in all other medicinal dosage forms.

Can I grow my own medical cannabis in Utah?

No. Utah cannabis patients cannot grow their own marijuana. Original language in Proposition 2 allowed for home cultivation, however, lawmakers amended the voter-approved version with HB3001, removing the allowance for home growing among other additional restrictions.

Will insurance pay for the cost of my medical cannabis?

No. Insurance providers are not required to cover medical marijuana costs.

Can I buy medical cannabis for a friend in Utah?

No. Cannabis can only be transferred from registered designated caregivers to their medical cannabis cardholder. Medical cannabis patients cannot sell, give or transfer their cannabis to another person.

I’m from out of state; will Utah honor my medical marijuana card?

Yes, with restrictions. Registered cardholders from other states cannot purchase cannabis from a Utah dispensary. However, a cardholder visiting from another state may use medical cannabis in Utah as long as the patient has one of Utah’s qualifying conditions, and possesses medical cannabis in the states legal medicinal dosage form and amount.