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Medical dispensaries (known as compassion centers in the state) first opened in North Dakota in 2019. Patients can buy medical cannabis products prepared as dried flower, tinctures, topicals, transdermal patches and concentrates. Cannabis oil in capsule form is allowed for ingestion, but the state does not allow for traditional edible preparations such as baked goods or candies.


Is medical marijuana legal in North Dakota?

Yes, North Dakota citizens voted for its medical marijuana program in 2016. State lawmakers then revised the measure in 2017.

Is recreational cannabis legal in North Dakota?

No, however the state has decriminalized the possession of up to a half-ounce, which is regarded as a criminal infraction and may be subject to a fine.

How do I qualify for a medical cannabis license?

North Dakota residents can apply for medical cannabis if they meet one of the state’s qualifications and have a recommendation from their physician. Please visit our North Dakota legal page under “Qualifying Patients” for a complete list of acceptable conditions for North Dakota’s medical marijuana program.

Do I need to be 18 years old to have a medical marijuana license?

The Division of Medical Marijuana allows for patients of all ages to participate if they should qualify. If under the age of 19, the person responsible for the minor has to apply on the patient's behalf. This person can be a parent, guardian or other designated individual.

Where can I legally buy cannabis in North Dakota?

Patients can only obtain cannabis from licensed compassion centers.

How much medical cannabis can I buy?

Qualified patients and caregivers can possess up to a 30-day supply at any time. This includes up to 2.5 ounces of dried leaves and flower, if granted permission by a health care provider, and 2,000 milligrams of other medical marijuana products.

Can I grow my own medical cannabis?

The state does not allow North Dakota medical marijuana patients to cultivate their own cannabis.

Will insurance pay for the cost of my medical cannabis?

No, insurance providers are not required to cover the costs of medical marijuana.

Can I buy medical marijuana for a friend in North Dakota?

Only registered caregivers may obtain medical marijuana for their patients. Each caregiver can provide assistance for up to four qualified patients at any given time.

I’m from out of state, will North Dakota honor my medical marijuana card?

North Dakota does not extend reciprocity to any other state’s medical marijuana program. Visitors from out of state will not be able to visit a North Dakota dispensary, and are not granted the protections of the state’s medical registry.