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Great Falls is named for the series of five waterfalls on the Madison River just outside the city, famously crossed by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Today, Great Falls’ many waterfalls feed hydroelectric dams. Thus, Great Falls is known as the “electric city” (because of all the electricity). However, the city is also famous for some far-out points of interest. The Sip n’ Dip Lounge, deemed one of the best bars in America, is a Tiki-style watering hole featuring mermaid swimmers in an exposed pool behind the bar and an octogenarian lounge singer known for Sinatra standards. Great Falls is also the site of the Mariana incident, which marked some of the first UFO footage ever filmed. For more terrestrial pursuits, there’s the C. M. Russell Museum Complex, which houses its namesake collection along with many other works celebrating the American west. Find some cannabis at a Great Falls dispensary, see a mermaid, and check out the city.