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Missouri’s medical marijuana program was established with the passing of Amendment 2 in 2018. Medical dispensaries are now open and have begun sales. The state has granted licenses to 192 medical dispensaries. Not all have opened yet, so be sure to check the dispensary directory for store information.

Amendment 2 mandated that each of Missouri’s 8 districts have a minimum of 24 dispensary licenses, however more licenses may be awarded later if there’s enough demand. More information can be found on the Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulation site.


Is medical marijuana legal in Missouri?

Yes, Amendment 2 legalized medical marijuana in Missouri in November of 2018.

Is recreational cannabis legal in Missouri?

No. The cities of St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia have decriminalized cannabis possession under 35 grams, but possession is still punishable by a fee. Cannabis remains illegal on a statewide level for recreational use.

How do I qualify for a medical cannabis license?

Residents of Missouri can qualify for the state’s medical marijuana program by being diagnosed with a qualifying condition. Visit our Missouri legal page for the full breakdown of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

Do I need to be 18 years old to have a medical marijuana license?

No. However, only a parent or guardian who holds a primary caregiver identification card may obtain a cultivation license for a qualifying patient under the age of 18 unless the qualifying patient under the age of 18 is emancipated.

Where can I legally buy cannabis in Missouri?

Dispensaries are now open in Missouri. Few stores have opened, however 192 licenses have been granted, and more businesses are slated to open late-2020 to early-2021.

How much medical cannabis can I buy?

Patients and designated caregivers can purchase up to four ounces in a 30-day period, unless certified for an alternative amount.

Can I grow my own medical cannabis?

Yes. Home cultivation is allowed, but requires additional licensing beyond a standard patient card. The state recommends patients check rules under 19 CSR 30-95.030 for further information on grow room requirements.

Will insurance pay for the cost of my medical cannabis?

No, insurance providers are not required to cover the costs of your medicine as it is currently a schedule 1 narcotic according to federal law.

Can I buy medical cannabis for a friend in Missouri?

Other than the patient them self, only designated caregivers may purchase medical cannabis for registered patients in Missouri. Patients can designate up to two caregivers, and caregivers can have up to three registered patients. Both patients and caregivers are required to be certified with the state. Medical cannabis cannot be otherwise transferred between people.

I’m from out of state, will Missouri honor my medical marijuana card?

Out of state medical marijuana cards are not accepted in Missouri.