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Minnesota’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened in 2015. Though only two producers are permitted by the state, each has been granted licenses to open four locations, for a total of eight original locations in the state. In 2019, the number of permissible licenses for each producer was doubled, and more locations are expected to open soon.

Allowable forms of medical marijuana are limited to pills, oils, liquids and topicals. As of August of 2020, dissolvable preparations were also added as allowable forms, such as powders, lozenges, granules, etc. Dried flower and edible forms are currently prohibited, though state producers are pushing for a change to drive down costs for patients.


Is medical marijuana legal in Minnesota?

Yes, Minnesota legalized its medical marijuana program in May of 2014. Since then, the program has continued to expand to cover an increasing number of patients and medical conditions.

Is recreational cannabis legal in Minnesota?

No, Minnesota has only approved medical cannabis sale and consumption at this time.

How do I qualify for a medical cannabis license?

The state of Minnesota recognizes several qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Please refer to the “Qualifying Patients” section of PotGuide’s Minnesota legal page for the complete list of conditions.

Do I need to be 18 years old to have a medical marijuana license?

No, patients under the age of 18 are allowed to authorize one or more caregivers to assist in their medical cannabis treatment.

Where can I legally buy cannabis in Minnesota?

Minnesota allows for patients to purchase their medicinal cannabis at dispensary across the state. Though most are currently located in the southeastern portion of the state, newly-granted licenses are anticipated to more evenly distribute locations.

How much medical cannabis can I buy?

Patients can possess up to a 30-day supply of medicinal marijuana. Each patient will be given a dosage recommendation by a licensed on-site pharmacist based upon their qualifying documents and information.

Can I grow my own medical cannabis?

No, Minnesota only allows for state-authorized labs to grow the state’s supply of medical marijuana.

Will insurance pay for the cost of my medical cannabis?

No, insurance providers are not required to cover the costs of your medicine as it is currently a schedule-1 narcotic according to federal law.

Can I buy medical cannabis for a friend in Minnesota?

No. The only legal way to purchase medicine for another person is to become a registered caregiver that is assigned to the patient you wish to purchase for.

I’m from out of state; will Minnesota honor my medical marijuana card?

No, Minnesota does not recognize any out of state licenses or cards.