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The culture of Southern Massachusetts is greatly influenced by the two bodies of water that surround it, Buzzards Bay and Massachusetts Bay. The region has a lively beach vibe in the summer; it’s common to see windsurfers, kayakers and paddleboarding in the bay. The Taunton River runs through the area as well, meaning water is never far away in Southeastern Mass.

At the end of the Taunton lies Battleship Cove and the Maritime Museum, which boasts the world’s largest collection of US naval vessels. Southeastern Mass’ New Bedford was named the seventh most Artistic City in America in 2011, due to the large working artist community there. It is also known as “the whaling city,” for its ties to the There’s plenty of beauty to explore on the Massachusetts coast and beyond. Use the directory below to find where to buy some cannabis in southeastern Massachusetts and explore the many waters.