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Boston is one of the most storied cities in America, going back to our nation’s very beginning. Since the landing of the pilgrims at Plymouth, the area has been the site of some of the most important historical, cultural and scientific advancements in the country. Greater Boston is heralded as an academic megacenter for its numerous prestigious institutions. In case you didn’t get into Berklee, Harvard or MIT, they’re just a few of the area’s 52 higher learning options.

For sports fans, few cities match the fervency of Boston’s scene. There is of course six-time Super Bowl Champions the New England Patriots, the Bruins storm the ice, and Massachusetts literally invented basketball (and also the Celics). Add to that the Boston Red Sox, and their famous Fenway Park and Green Monster. You can wash down your fresh-caught lobstah roll with a Sam Adams and still make it to the Boston Symphony Orchestra in time. History, art, music, culture, food and now cannabis, Boston has it all. Purchase some cannabis in Boston, and take in all that Bean Town has to offer.