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Here at Underground, we aren't just another medical cannabis dispensary/lab. We're part of a remarkable community of cannabis patients that trust us to provide their doctor-recommended medicine. This is an amazing feeling and opportunity that comes with great responsibility. We take our role in the community and industry very seriously. At Underground, we listen to what patients tell us and strive to provide nothing more than exceptional quality and pricing paired with an experience that makes you feel like part of a family rather than a customer. All of our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to help you find the perfect cannabis products for your specific needs and goals. They are also there to help answer any questions you have. When you're ready to experience a medical cannabis dispensary and brand that is truly for the patients, visit Underground Dispensary today. You can visit us at one of our 3 NE Oklahoma stores located in Miami, Grove, and Monkey Island. From the start, Underground was established as a lifestyle brand for medical cannabis patients and cannabis connoisseurs alike. We believe that cannabis is medicine and should be treated as so. Underground Reserve only provides the highest-quality cannabis products. We offer some of the finest cannabis flowers and pre-rolls around. Underground Dispensary carries cannabis concentrates, edibles, beverages, RSO, FECO, sublingual tinctures, smoking accessories, gear, and more. Underground Dispensary also has a wide selection of products that are made in our lab carrying the Underground Reserve name. Having our own lab gives us the ability to make medicine for customers ourselves helping to remove the cost of the middleman or outsourcing. This allows us to provide top-quality medicine at patient-friendly pricing. When you choose to visit Underground Dispensary, we want you to know that we put our hearts and souls into making it the best possible experience we can. We hope that when you're looking for high-quality medical cannabis products in the state of Oklahoma that you choose to visit one of our three locations. When you're looking for quality medical cannabis to help relieve pain or anxiety or to just calm your nerves, remember the best cannabis in town, is found right here at Underground.