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We’ve made it our mission to serve our community by providing cannabis the sustainable way. From sourcing to sales, we’re driven to change the way cannabis is cultivated and consumed because we believe that a healthier planet makes for happier people. We believe that cannabis should be:


It’s our goal to source 70% of our cannabis products from local cannabis growers, connoisseurs, artisans, and small-business owners. We’ve made this commitment because supporting local businesses strengthens communities. And it’s these communities that we rely on in turn to sustain our own business.


Agriculture can be a dirty business. That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting cannabis farmers who farm in an Earth-friendly manner. While cannabis can’t be certified organic, we do know what good cannabis cultivation should look like and we make every effort to buy good, clean, Earth-friendly products.


Santa Cruz Naturals was born out of the ethos that there are healthy, natural solutions to many of the problems that we face as a society today. As a natural medicine, cannabis has been shown to provide us with a way to use nature as a source of physical and psychological healing. This approach allows us to destigmatize cannabis and bring its healing attributes to all.