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Rockwood cannabis is located in the Cliffcrest community and we are excited to be your new go-to Scarborough dispensary! Locally owned and operated, we support other local businesses and foster community growth. It’s no surprise we are fast becoming Toronto’s most trusted dispensary.

Consider our shop to be a no-judgment zone where you can shop cannabis in complete peace of mind without inhibitions or reservation. Our employees take great care to foster a culture of inclusion where all people feel valued, are treated respectfully, and have the opportunity to shop for cannabis with pride. We are honored to serve such a diverse and wonderful community of people!

Rockwood Cannabis is a dispensary that offers both premium and affordable options including flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. We have curated an assortment of products for a diverse range of cannabis consumers. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran cannabis consumer or a newbie; we extend our support to every single customer.