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Your Cannabis Destination

We believe in becoming more than just a dispensary. We are focused on creating an experience for our guests within our space. We will use the stage area to transform our retail store into an interactive performance space where local artists can interact with our guests. In addition, we will have a gallery of sorts as these local artists will have space to display their creations. Our team of highly trained Cannasseurs (Cannabis Connoisseur) will be available on-site to converse about your cannabis needs and preferences. They are available for consultations, to answer questions, and to guide you on your cannabis journey. As we open our cultivation and manufacturing facilities on-site, we will also allow tours of our facilities where consumers can view the Marijuana plant as it progresses through its natural lifecycle stages. Additionally, it will enable them to get a closer look at the processing techniques that go into making our premium cannabis products, furthering their education and knowledge of the plant and products they may consume. Alongside our cultivation and manufacturing will also come our Medical Treatment Center, where we have taken a unique approach to Medicinal Cannabis. We have created space off the main retail floor, where our patients can have private consultations with professionals who can best recommend products to meet their needs. The entire transaction can take place behind closed doors for a more discreet and confidential experience for our medical customers. Additionally, we have plans to integrate technology such as augmented reality into the MJ’s experience as we continue to push the boundaries and expand the expectations of what a Cannabis company can be within the community.