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We are two medical marijuana patients in the beautiful state of Colorado who started Kind Meds in 2009 after we witnessed first-hand the sub-standard treatment many patients received when they walked into other stores. Profit had become the paramount factor for many medical dispensaries, and stores were using patients as tools to meet their bottom-line goals. Colorado medical patients were paying top dollar for low-quality cannabis — without acquiring the information they need about which strains relieve which medical symptoms — and Kind Meds grew from a desire to build a new model for medical patients.

We understand that without our patients, the medical cannabis industry would not exist — and you’ll see the Kind Meds difference as soon as you walk through the door. Our intimate storefront is entirely owned and operated by women, and we are happy to spend as much time as each individual patient needs discussing and explaining the effects of the dozens of top-quality strains we carry. Every patient receives one-on-one attention at the bud bar from one of our qualified staff members, who can thoroughly describe the details of our growth and harvesting processes and give thoughtful recommendations for the best cannabis to treat your particular medical condition.

And best of all, our cannabis is grown with love and care — then reasonably priced, so our patients can take home high-quality cannabis without breaking the bank.

Come visit us at Kind Meds and experience the difference yourself. We’re looking forward to serving you!