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Located on 580 Academy Road, Jupiter Cannabis is Winnipeg's newest cannabis retailer. Shop in-store or order online at for same day delivery, click and collect, or have it shipped anywhere in Manitoba. Over 60 strains of flower, 50 types of pre-rolls, 40 different 510 vape cartridges, over 30 CBD dominant products, edibles (gummies and chocolates), infused drinkables, shatter, hash, kief, live resin, rosin, THCa diamonds, oils, sublingual tablets, sprays, bongs, 510 batteries,  rigs, rolling paper, grinders, dab tools, vaporizers, and much more.

It has been an 18-year journey. We took the road less travelled and that has made all of the difference. We are family, we are legacy, and our roots run the deepest.