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As of April 1, 2019, Ontario's regulated retail market is open for business. Adults of legal age are now legally allowed to purchase cannabis from government-authorized retail cannabis stores. Additionally, consumers may also purchase cannabis online from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Adults are legally allowed to purchase up to 30 grams of dried recreational cannabis at a time from either the online store or a retail outlet.


Is cannabis legal in Ontario?

Yes. Recreational cannabis was legalized in Ontario on October 17, 2018 when The Cannabis Act went into effect across Canada. Medical cannabis is also currently legal in Ontario with proper approval from the Federal Government.

What is the minimum age for recreational cannabis in Ontario?

The legal age minimum for purchasing, possessing and consuming recreational cannabis in Ontario is 19 years old.

How much cannabis can I possess in Ontario?

Adults 19 years of age or older are legally allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in cannabis oils.

Where can I buy recreational cannabis in Ontario?

Adults of age are allowed to legally purchase cannabis either online through the Ontario Cannabis Store or in person at a government-authorized retail store.

Is medical cannabis still available in Canada?

Yes, medical cannabis is still available in Ontario and is still be regulated by the Federal Government. Qualifying patients seeking to learn more about Canada’s medical cannabis program should contact Health Canada.

Can I get fired for using cannabis at work in Ontario?

Yes. To ensure workplace safety, consuming cannabis while at work is strictly illegal in Ontario and employers have the right to discipline employees who violate this rule.

Can I grow my own cannabis in Ontario?

Yes. Adults 19 years of age or older are legally allowed to cultivate up to four cannabis plants per residence.

What types of cannabis products can I buy in Ontario?

At this point in time, only dried cannabis and cannabis oils are available for purchase.

Can I share my cannabis with a friend?

Yes. Adults 19 years of age or older may legally share cannabis with other adults who are also 19 years of age or older.