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We’ll be Blunt (it’s in our brand after all) - in an exploding market full of burn ‘em and turn ‘em dispensaries, Blunt & Cherry is emerging onto the cannabis scene with a more impactful mandate in mind. Where other storefronts are focused on turning a profit, we have our sights set on sharing cannabis culture and providing true hospitality to our cannabis customers. We’re not just here to build a company, we’re creating a space to foster a cannabis community. Enter the Blunt & Cherry Budtenders. Our Budtenders are here to simplify the massive and sometimes overwhelming world of cannabis for our customers. Paying special attention to the experience surrounding cannabis culture, our Budtenders are well-versed and ready to breakdown any information necessary for consumers to make a conscientious and informed decision for their purchase. Using our uniquely designed potency scale and categorical definitions of the plant, we have created a visible and comprehensive guide for finding the proper fit from our cannabis offerings to each individuals’ desired effects. And we have enough space for everyone to come to the table, from the novice to the experienced cannabis user. Literally, this is why we have the Cannabar. Take a seat at the bar and talk with us – education and community require sharing and listening, and that’s why we’re here. We want to build a relationship with our clients based on validation and trust. Like pulling up a stool and chatting at your local pub - we welcome our guests to hang out and spend some time getting to know our take on the industry. In order to grow alongside our customers, we want everyone to feel safe sharing ideas, asking questions, and coming together to share some fun, fulfilling cannabis culture.