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We update our name from Berkeley Patients Group to Berkeley Patients Groups Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery. Berkeley Patients Group Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery, we are in this business for good - the good of our clients, our community, our industry, and the rest of the world. We know firsthand the power of cannabis to improve people's lives and are actively in pursuit of a bigger and better future. It is our singular ambition to create a world where everyone has access to the products and information they need to make the most of what cannabis can offer them. As the nation's oldest medical dispensary, we've been advocating for medical patients for 20 years - leading the fight for legalization and safe access through grassroots organizing, legal action, and literally writing the laws at the local, state, and federal levels. We are patients and enthusiasts, immersed in cannabis culture and innovation - knowledgeable about all of the plant's forms and consumption methods, as well as the many new brands and products pervading the marketplace. We are experts, educators, listeners, and communicators who know that knowledge is only useful if it can be shared effectively and without bias. We take extra time with our clients and offer personal consultations and group education, developing trust, and listening to each person's unique needs and concerns. As one of the few independent dispensaries without a private label brand, our recommendations are based on quality and appropriateness, never on the bottom line. And as a steward of the cannabis industry, we are leaders in our local community, paying forward the positive social and economic impacts of cannabis to benefit all types of organizations also working for good. We've created a lot of positive change since 1999, but the future is bright and we're only just getting started.