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2020 Solutions: Responsible, Knowledgeable, Discreet

Your best cannabis experiences begin here.


2020 Solutions is an Ephrata Recreational and Marijuana Dispensary 


2020 Solutions proudly serves as Ephrata, Washington’s premier recreational marijuana dispensary, offering professionally cultivated cannabis and products in a discreet, welcoming environment. Representing the Seattle region, their passionate team of knowledgeable budtenders is dedicated to providing each customer the highest level of service, ensuring they walk away with a premium marijuana experience from sale to smoke. 



The founding of their original Bellingham location marks 2020 Solutions as one of Washington’s very first recreational marijuana dispensaries, committed to providing award-winning service for every visitor to their store. 2020 Solutions’ Ephrata location proudly opened their doors on May 18th, 2017 to extend that same professional service to the Ephrata and Seattle region. With a passion for cannabis’ healing potential, 2020 Solutions’ owners work hard with their entire team to eliminate the stigma of marijuana, catering to all demographics across the board of marijuana experience. 2020 Solutions’ mission is to responsibly provide marijuana in a safe, discreet environment and offer access to all manners of marijuana knowledge. 



2020 Solutions in Ephrata strives to educate every Ephrata and Seattle area customer who enters their dispensary, taking their time and making sure they’re informed on whichever marijuana product they wish to consume. Their budtenders refuse to only push cannabis goods on customers and will do everything possible to match the marijuana product to their customer’s lifestyle and needs. At 2020 Solutions-Ephrata, every customer is an individual, and their compassionate marijuana team takes pride in treating every person as a welcome guest to their dispensary. 



Specializing in variety, 2020 Solutions-Ephrata offers more than sixty different marijuana flower strains, with 30 flavors of concentrates mixed among their plentiful edibles, tinctures, topicals, drinks, and much more. They partner with well-known brand names, like Green Haven LLC, Leaph, White Flower, Seattle’s Private Reserve, and of course, their exclusive house-branded 2020 Solutions cannabis. More popular strains like Vanilla Kush, Gorilla Glue #4 and Green Crack, fly off their dispensary shelves, while White Star’s Blue Dream tops their list of cannabis concentrates. In addition to lab tested marijuana products, 2020 Solutions-Ephrata offers glass products, herb vapes, dab rigs, and more from low to high-end price points. 


Currently, 2020 Solutions-Ephrata may accept cash only and offers an onsite ATM for customer use. Returning customers can earn points for every dollar they spend, accumulating points to cash in for excellent discounts. Those with questions can call 2020 Solutions-Ephrata, or connect online via Facebook, Instagram or their website. Want to skip the line? 2020 Solutions offers online ordering with onsite pick-up, and their dispensary location provides plenty of parking in their lot and street side. 


Service Locations: 

2020 Solutions is based in the heart of Ephrata, located near the Gorge and a few miles away from Soap Lake. Residents of Soap Lake, Lakeview, Adco, and Winchester may enjoy easy access to their marijuana dispensary. Their dedicated budtenders cater to customers from Stratford, Bacon, McCarteney, and Quincy, while visitors make the drive from Gloyd, Moses Lake, Wheeler and George to their store. From Coulee City to Vantage, 2020 Solutions is proud to welcome all 21+ visitors to their marijuana dispensary. 


Location Information: 

Ephrata lies in Grant County, located at the junction of Route 28 and 282. The region is centrally located between Moses Lake and Soap Lake, offering plenty of swimming and fishing opportunities for residents. The Columbia River flows west of the city, and visitors enter and exit the region through the Ephrata Municipal Airport. From the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge to the Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park, 2020 Solutions invites one and all to their recreational marijuana store. 

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