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Service Solutions: The Future of Controlled Environment Agriculture in Sealed Greenhouse Cultivation
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Service Solutions: The Future of Controlled Environment Agriculture in Sealed Greenhouse Cultivation


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

NCIA’s #IndustryEssentials webinars are our new weekly educational series featuring a variety of programs allowing us to provide you timely, engaging and essential education when you need it most.

The Service Solutions series is our sponsored content webinar program which will allow business owners the opportunity to learn more about premier products, services and industry solutions directly from our network of established suppliers, providers and thought leaders.

What is Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)? What is sealed cultivation? What does control actually mean when we talk about growing? This webinar, brought to you by Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, will explore these questions and why they matter for professional cannabis cultivation.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in cannabis has been heavily focused on indoor environments with artificial lighting. Our focus is on incorporating principles of CEA with the intelligence of nature in order to maximize plant photosynthesis and facility energy efficiency. Using sunlight as the main ingredient, we will discuss how to create an ideal environment for high yielding and high quality production.

Whether you are a grower, builder, investor, someone who operates generally in the cannabis business sphere, or someone who is just interested in the future of cannabis cultivation technologies; this webinar will highlight some of the important technologies involved in modern greenhouse design, as well as our unique approach to facilitating cultivation to market strategies for those looking to enter this world of cannabis growth.

Learning Objectives
• An understanding of what is traditionally meant by “Controlled Environment Agriculture” and how Ceres integrates CEA into our holistic facility design.
• How to make a business argument for “Controlled Environment Agriculture”; better ensuring cultivation to market, production management, and prediction.
• An explanation of different types of grows and the advantages and disadvantages of them, including: Indoor Grow, Sun Tubes (Skylights), Traditional Greenhouses, and the SunChamber™.
• What is meant by the term “controlled”? How does control relate to energy consumption and increasing yields?
• A holistic understanding of what a plant needs to thrive; from light absorption to photosynthesis.

Speakers Include:

Josh Holleb
Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Sunny Kaercher
Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

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Dec 16 2020
Wednesday | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
#IndustryEssentials Webinar Series
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Event Details


Wed, Dec 16, 2020


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM



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